“What happened in there?” Ivan asked his brother when they left the school. They were walking to their car, the others having left in their own vehicles, and it occurred to Ivan that is brother might be going insane. He was walking stiffly, had his arms tensed, and seemed a little hunched over like you sometimes do when you’re deep in thought, or going insane.

“What? What did you say?” his brother asked, not having heard what he said, and looked back at Ivan for a moment. An accent permeated his and Ivan’s voices ever so slightly, a result of spending their young childhood in Germany, their beloved home country.

“I said, what happened in there? Why didn’t you just dance with that girl? As soon as you saw her you seemed to freak out.” Ivan said as they climbed into his red Ferrari and headed home.

“The strangest emotions I have ever felt coming from a complete stranger. And she stared at me almost the whole time I was there.” his brother said, looking out the window deep in thought again.

“I never knew you were so vain.” Ivan said, a smile at his lips.

“I am not being vain.” his brother said defiantly, giving Ivan a sharp look before returning his gaze out the window.

“Calm down, I was only playing. Man, she must have really messed you up, huh?” said Ivan, glancing over just in time to see his brother glance at him.

“Ivan, this is serious. When I felt all those things, it scared me to death. I didn’t know what to do. It completely caught me off guard and I couldn’t dance with her, feeling those things. It was killing me just being near her.” he said and shivered from just thinking about the terrible event.

“Then why did you ask her to dance then?” asked Ivan. They reached home a few minutes later, despite it being almost a hundred miles from the town or school, and were now walking into their house.

“Because I felt bad for doing that to her.” his brother said. “She looked so hurt despite her anger, and I didn’t like seeing her like that.”

“Well, here’s something that will make you feel better.” Ivan said and looked his brother in the eye, his hand on his brother’s shoulder as they stood in the foyer.

“What?” he asked.

“Knowing that I had the most wonderful night of my life with the most wonderful girl in the world.” Ivan said and then turned away laughing when he saw his brother’s annoyed and irritated face.

The End

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