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Okay, okay, now listen up kids!” said Coach Bailey, walking back slowly towards where we were sitting as he looked up at all of us. “We’re going to have some people come in here in a minute to demonstrate a dance that we’ll be practicing. They’re paying us a kindness so you will return it by being quiet and polite.” He shot a warning look at one group in particular in the high upper corner. And when everyone stayed quiet he walked around to a pair of doors on the side of the bleachers, opposite of where I’d come in.

Sue and I looked at each other and just then we heard sweet music being played, the sound coming from where the coach had disappeared. Then four couples dressed in tuxes and gowns came swirling into view. They continued to swirl as they headed to the center of the gym floor where they proceeded to create a dancing circle around the white wolf’s head.

They moved so fluidly across the floor, it was like watching water flow over smooth stones. The music seemed to own them; it’s sweet, slow notes seizing their bodies and bending them as it saw fit. They were a gorgeous sight to behold, and I was so awestruck I had an urge to join them, but just as I felt myself making a move to stand I caught something out of the corner of my eye.

She was holding a small stereo by the handle, and apparently moving fluidly came with knowing how to dance because this woman moved just as gracefully as the dancers. And she was only walking! Her long, dark red hair flowed down her back in soft curl, the perfect contrast to her long black ballroom gown and I saw the glimpse of bright blue eyes as they swept the bleachers before returning her gaze to her students. She, evidently, was the dance instructor.

“I would’ve never thought this was what he meant.” Sue whispered and I nodded in agreement. The dances they did in the elective were all choreographed and no one danced in pairs like this. I was also happy to see that there would be no flipping here. Then from behind us I heard soft footsteps and the popping of knees as Dave sat beside us.

Dave was a tall quarter back on the football team with a cocky attitude that made most girls swoon, but just made me laugh cause he thought he was all that. He wasn’t nearly cocky enough for me to label as intimidating, which is what I was naturally attracted to. He had mud brown eyes and wavy brown hair in the California surfer boy style I was getting tired of seeing. I mean, it’s like no one had any individuality anymore, because everywhere I turned I saw the same style and I was sick of it. I was ready for something new.

“What are you two whispering about down here?” he said.

“Just how hot some of the dancers are.” I said, glancing at him before returning to the dancers.

“Well, I think the teacher’s hot.” he said, ogling the instructor.

“She is pretty.” I agreed, eyeing her flowing hair.

“You think she’d be into me?” he asked and we both looked at him.

“Are you kidding? Maybe if she wanted to get busted for child molestation.” Sue said and we giggled.

“Hey, it’s not molestation if it’s consensual.” he said, smiling until we gave rolled our eyes.

“Yeah, okay.” I said sarcastically, “She hasn’t looked your way once.”

“How do you know?” he said, an edge in his voice. “For all you know, she could’ve winked at me.”

“Did she?” asked Sue and I furrowed my brow at him. Why was he doing this? I know he had a thing for me but really, trying to make me jealous by making me think he could be with an older woman? If he couldn’t get with someone his own age, what made him think he could get with someone older?

“Yeah, as a matter of fact she did.” he said, sitting up straighter and raising his head like the was all high and mighty.

“She probably had something in her eye.” I said and Sue and I broke into giggles.

“Girls.” hissed the coach. He and the dance instructor were stand a little ways away and they were both looking at us. He gave us a warning look before turning away, but she gave us, me and Sue anyway, an amused smile like she’d heard what we said.

I looked at her in slight surprise and curiosity, knowing that if the coach had heard what we were really saying he’d be on top of us, so if she could hear us why wasn’t the coach grilling us? She looked away then, turning back to the dancers, and we watched them for a minute before Dave said, “That was harsh.”

“Oh calm down.” I said, waving a hand dismissively at him. “Now go away so we don’t get in trouble again.” He sat there a minute while we ignored him, then huffed in a hurt tone and walked off.

“Finally.” I whispered and we smiled at each other before returning to the dancers. They were already on their second song, and I cursed Dave for making me miss the first one.

Everyone from my classmates to Coach Bailey was in rapture at their performance, except for the instructor, who watched them with an approving smile. I could only manage keeping my eyes on her for a few seconds before they were drawn back to the dancers again. All but one of the boys were lean and muscled, with their suits and ties, their movements so caring and gentle. The only boy who wasn’t lean instead had bulging muscles that flexed with his every movement, though he held his partner as if she were a glass rose.

Indeed, his partner looked fragile, but I could see the muscles under her flawless skin as she moved with him. She had long auburn hair that was layered and curled, her straightened bangs just brushing long black lashes that made her bright blue eyes even more striking. Then, dancing after her in the circle was a girl with even more muscle definition and just as much of a delicate build. Her black hair was in a bob, straightened to perfection and framing her perfectly oval face that was free of blemishes or freckles, her skin like porcelain. She had eyes such a dark color they could’ve been blue or brown, and a small nose resting above full lips. She was beautiful.

The End

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