Be Michael

Okay, so basically, this is a little bit of a game. So, you start with a character (Michael being the one in this case) and you write a simple plotline for them to follow. Then, you have three options. You can flip the character (make his personality the exact opposite), revise the character (come up with a completely new personality) or continue being that character. Everything else in the story remains the exact same and hilarity ensues.

You can look at the first page and the three branches

Michael was an average guy with normal short black hair combed neatly to the side and big brown eyes that made hearts melt. He was the sweetest guy anyone had ever met and today was a rather big day for him. His family was going to be getting on a plane to Europe and spending a month there with his great aunt, Brook. He was super excited and jumped out of bed in joy.

He ran down the stairs and happily walked into the kitchen. His sister, Joclynn, was sitting at the kitchen table, eating her cereal.

"Good morning, Joclynn!" he chirped.

The End

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