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The sun set quick on the trio as they beat their way down the old path. At first they had been full of energy, Shiori more specifically, she went on non-stop about how excited she was to find a ghost. As the light drained away it took with it the small girl's enthusiasm. It didn't take long for the cabins to disappear behind the dense foliage. A melody began to drift through the air, by now the music had made itself a part of Takeru's thoughts and so he barely noticed as it grew in volume. It was strange how familiar the song felt, he had heard it for the first time today, but it felt as if he had been waiting to hear the music his whole life.

Takeru noticed Daiki and Shiori beginning to grow noticeably uncomfortable, the normally strong Shiori was now hanging off of Daiki's arm. The three continued on in silence like this, the rough stone scatted about the mountain path looked more and more like ancient steps as they continued, it was as if time itself turned back hundreds of years with each step they took. Between the trees, a shape began to make itself out at the top of the steps, an old Shinto shrine.

" Hey guys, it doesn't look like there's anything here, maybe we should just go back. " Shiori's now small voice was the first to break the silence. Daiki jumped as if he had never heard a person speak before, Takeru, however, seemed in a trance.

" No can't you hear it? " The song was deafening to Takeru now, it was as if his own blood sang out loud along with the melody.

" Can't we hear what? " Takeru didn't even appear to have heard the other boy's reply, his footsteps continued up the steps. Daiki wore a genuine expression of confusion whereas Shiori's face paled in almost sheer panic and she gave no reply on the music.

The shrine loomed in front of Takeru and filled his vision until it was all he could see. Pale blue light poured out from every crack and crevice in the building, he was only half-aware that the light shone in his minds-eye. He placed one hand on the door, he surprised himself with how steady it was.

There was a thud behind him as Shiori collapsed onto the ground. Her eyes stared vacantly forward and her lips moved, unfamiliar words poured out of her. Daiki was on the ground in front of her in an instant. " Shiori! Hey, Shi ! HEY! Answer me, please. This is just like... like... "

The commotion outside was drowned out as soon as Takeru closed the sliding door behind him. The inside of the shrine almost seemed to be another world entirely, separated from everything outside. The room wasn't overly large, but the inside was covered in offerings of gold and other precious things. The girl at the centre of the room made the precious metals surrounding her look like lead. Tall for a girl at just an inch below him, she was garbed in white cloth and what seemed like plates of armour made of liquid silver. Cyan jewels donned her wristguards and the circlet on her forehead that kept her long blonde hair out of her face. The gems that caught Takeru's eyes, however, were in the beautiful blue gaze that stared back deep into his own.

Takeru's breath was taken away, she was just like a legendary shieldmaiden from the Norse folktales his grandfather used to tell him back in Germany. There was the click of metallic heels on the ground as she approached him. Her radiance seemed to fill up his head like a sun had come to rest in his thoughts. He knew for sure that the song too had been in his head as it continued despite her lips forming words to address him with. She used an old dialect of german as she spoke, Takeru's first language unlike the Japanese he and his friends had been speaking earlier.

"You were the one I was born for. Your mind is like a beacon fire calling me to you. Together our lights burn brighter than any other. You carry the blood of Sigurd, son of Sigmund and to you I bestow everything I have. " The girl knelt on one knee before him, the sight was unnatural she did not belong on the ground like that. " My song will lead you to the heavens and to the throne you deserve. You are mein Einherjar and I am Brynnhildr your Valkyrie. "

This time, the Vakyrie did sing, and with the melody she wove the light grew stronger in his head. It grew until the raging fire was too much for the poor boy to take. The last thing that Takeru heard before the world went white was a chorus of screams.

The End

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