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Takeru Koehler believed his life and the world around him to be normal. Unbeknownst to him the world is on the edge of ending and he is chosen by a legendary Valkyrie as her warrior in a desperate fight to stop that from happening. Everything around him begins to change and he struggles to cope. Will he survive? ( May contain mature content at some point)

 The cliff overlooked the city, the view was almost as beautiful as the girl who graced the mountains edge. Her head, however, wasn't turned towards the city but instead turned up at the sky, her eyes closed and her hands clasped behind her back. Long golden hair swayed in the breeze, blowing out behind her. When she spoke her voice was soft and musical. It added a pleasing note to nature's symphony instead of breaking the serene melody played by the wind through the mountain's paths.

" Although the gods have forgotten their duty, we have not. When the almighty have turned their backs in weary resignation of the cycle, we will fully embrace our duty. " 

Against all common reason, the girl begins to float in the air just centimetres from the ground. Two wings of blue light shimmer in the air behind her back.

" Humanity's will to live is our will to live. You will be my first Einherjar and also my last. I will give to you the vessel, crafted of the body of the divine. For the beasts of Ragnarok have come calling. They are thirsty for the sap of the tree of life. " 

The girls eyes open, slowly, almost lazily. They are a wondrous blue, a shade to make the sky jealous. Her head tilts, looking down towards the paths that wind through the mountain forest. 

" Wecken mein Einharjar, your Valkyrie calls and your battle is nigh. "

Her lips parted and she sang, softly a first. A beautiful alien melody that was somehow inspiring and melancholic at the same time. 


" Hey.... Hey ! I'm talking to you dude ! Okay, this one is your own fault. " A loud snap echoed through the copse of trees not far from the nearby cabins. The source of the sound being the impact of one boy's hand across the others cheek. 

" Ah sunova.. ! Daiki why would you... just ow, ow! Geez. " The second boy rubs his cheek where Daiki's hand had made contact. 

" I was trying to tell you something really important man and you just spaced out on me. I tried to be nice, but you wouldn't answer back so you left me with no choice. Where were you anyway Takeru? " 

Still rubbing his face, Takeru was slow to reply. His eyes drifted across the pile of sticks they had made nearby. They were on the class camping trip and their job had been to find lots of kindling for the fire. It took him a moment to remember this, he felt like he was waking slowly from a dream. " I uh... I'm not sure. There was... I don't know.... Did you hear a voice? " 

Daiki turned his head to the side wearing a look of confusion. It reminded Takeru of the way dogs would look at you sometimes and if his head was clearer he probably would have laughed at the similarity. " Nevermind. I'm listening now what were you trying to tell me? "

Daiki looked awkward and fidgety, not like his usual self. He cleared his throat before he spoke. " Well, it's about Shiori. You know how I feel right man? " How could he not. Something had happened between his two close friends a few months ago. He had never gotten the details, but there had been an odd tension between them ever since. Daiki took every opportunity he could to talk about how ' he wasn't sure how he felt about her anymore '. In the hopes of minimizing the length of this never-ending awkward conversation Takeru simply nodded.

" I think I've finally decided. I love her man. I know it. " His expression was now more confident and assured. " So I uh... I got her a little present and I'm gonna give it to her and tell her how I feel when we go to watch the fireworks tonight. What do you think? " 

Takeru wasn't sure what he thought. He knew that this was coming eventually after watching the two, but somehow he had hoped it wouldn't. It had always been the three of them, although less and less so since whatever it was that happened those months ago. Now it would always be the two of them plus him. Some deep dark part of him wanted to do everything he could to stop the budding romance in a futile attempt to keep things simple, but he knew he couldn't do that. Instead, he put on the biggest smile he could muster and replied. " I'm happy for you man I really hope it goes well. "

A much bigger smile broke out on Daiki's face in response and he rubbed the back of his head embarrassed. " Well you know, thanks. About collecting that wood then huh? " 

Takeru broke out into real laughter now at his friends attempt to turn the conversation away then they both got back to the task at hand. As they worked Daiki gave his friend an odd look, Takeru seemed unaware of the odd alien tune that he whistled to himself. 


" Finally, I've been waiting for you guys forever! " 

Shiori finally caught up with them as they were unloading the results of their efforts by the campfire. Judging by her scary frown and the angry set of her hands on her hips she had probably been looking for them for a while. 

" Uh yeah about that, we went in a little further than we meant to and got a little... uh... lost. I guess you would say. Ha ha ha. " Daiki laughed uncomfortably as he spoke, Takeru was still unloading the wood. 

" Well, I guess you should have listened to me and stayed on the paths then huh? " Shiori always had a way of making  you feel smaller than her when she was angry. Almost like you were a child and your mom was chastising you for trying to steal cookies. She accomplished this even standing at only 5'5''. She had more than enough energy to make up for her small stature though. Her hair was a dark jet black and cut short and choppy, just long enough to cover her ears, the tips of a few locks were dyed bright pink. At the moment, she wore a dark green hoody and jean shorts with white socks covering her legs up to her knee. 

" Ah well. You never listen to me. Anyways ! I saw this real bright light out in the forest behind the girls building and I think the three of us should take a look. It could be a lost spirit! Oh oh oh like... like a bride murdered on her wedding day... by.. by her husband to be! And uhm... he killed her because he was super jealous and thought that she was sleeping with every man she looked at. So when he saw her in her wedding dress and every eye turned to her he was overcome with his jealousy and flew into a rage and beat her to death right there in front of the wedding. So now every year on the day of her wedding she shows up and looks for the man who killed her... for revenge! " 

Shiori left both Daiki and Takeru completely awestruck. They stared at her, mouths open wide. Her horror obsession bordered on the insane, there was no way they were going to escape this. If Shiori thought there was even the smallest chance of a ghost being there then they were going to have to check it out. 

It wasn't going to stop Takeru from giving it the good ole college try though. " Uh you know we actually can't we have toooooooo gooooo.... " 

" Get more wood! See we got lots of kindling but there's no actual firewood here yet we have to grab some from... " Daiki was interrupted from saving them by the thud of a pile of firewood hitting the ground. 

They turned around and saw a few of their classmen dropping off bundles of wood on the other side of the large firepit. " No, we got all the firewood it's okay. " Daiki and Takeru turned back to face Shiori without saying a word. 

" So I guess we can go now then! We still have a bit before it starts getting too dark so let's take a look. " Shiori was already dragging them behind her before she was done speaking. 

The End

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