Violent Shadow

Her perfect curves shrouded in a fine perse lace and claret hijab, the thin-limbed, teal-skinned woman watched Kára Hazana from the shadows. She had long thick hair. Though really, they were protrusions of cartilage with skin flush and blue wrapped around them, cascading past her shoulder blades. Her sharp ears were pointed back. Her lips were puckered and her nose flattened. And her eyes were milky white and placid, with no irises to speak of.

She crossed the club floor, easily sidling past anyone in her way. However, if they refused to move… she injured them. Such was the case with one drunken Dròwthízi drule merchant.

The slimy creature stomped in front of the teal woman and asked in perfect Dròwthíz, “Care for a drink, dearie?” He was a head taller than her, and nearly three taller than Kára. And he was so well-built, he could easily have lifted an Ambash tank on his own.

“Step aside,” was her only reply and her sole warning. Though her grasp of the sleazy drule merchant’s language was sub-par, he was intrigued that she knew any at all, and therefore did not recognising the threat in her expression.

He stepped closer, and began to drool, wiping his compound eyes with the spittle, in an effort to make himself more presentable. Though it made no difference; the Dròwthízi were known to be among the most sordid and repulsive creatures throughout the galaxy.

“Or perhaps we could become better acquainted over a dance instead?” said he, as he placed a hand on her wrist. Looks aside, they were good dancers. 

Flashing a quick smile, she grabbed the arthropod by a mandible, and lifted him off the ground without warning. He cried in pain as she easily flipped him over her shoulders; twisting the lower jaw bone out of place and clipping one of his wings in the process. Thereafter he moaned and writhed on the floor. Some witnesses laughed at the Dròwthízi’s swift defeat, and others were annoyed and shook their heads at the disturbance.

Fights however, were an everyday occurrence in the joint. So the woman left without reply or explanation, without so much as giving the creature a second thought; catching the attention of very few onlookers. But unfortunately, Captain Hazana was one of those who noticed. And a woman like her, would of course stand out to a Pantheran.

She began to hurry as Kára’s pace quickened. Her approach changed from on the prowl to moving in for the kill. Going so far as to hurtle over members of the crowd to get to the lift on time. And once the elevator doors started to close with the captain inside, she dove.

The End

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