Flight of the phoenix

Serie sees a bright, orange light over the horizon, she is tempted to follow the light for some unknown reason, but with so many things holding her back, how can she?

It was sunset, after a hard days work, Serie headed upstairs to rest, where she had dressed into a pale blue nightgown, she stood on her balcony overlooking the town, beach and sea of the small town she lived in, if only she could be as carefree as the many faces below her!

Suddenly a strange light caused Serie to be interupted from her thoughts, she quickly looked up, and saw a strange star, for that was what she thought it was, it glowed burnt umber in the still night sky, and then began advancing towards the beach and sea, like a comet!

Serie suddenly began to feel as if she should follow the strange star, slowly she began to clamber, as if sleepwalking, over the stone balcony...

The End

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