Chapter 3 "Wimpy Pervert"Mature

Oh God! Oh God! Please let him be alright! I already lost my mother, I don't want to loose my best friend too. If we only listened to their warning, about the return of the Dragons. Maybe we could prepared more weapons or evacuated sooner, maybe mother would still be alive. Luckily the Dragon Slayers arrived and escorted us to the outskirts of Dorkan.

There were five wagons each mounted on two horses ready for departure, but it looks like we wont be using all of them. I looked back still hoping I can see Zeke running towards us, panting and laughing to have barely made it but he didn't. I hop on aboard with nothing but the clothes on my back and began to move away from the burning city.

"Excuse me Sir, my name is Koa" I said to the brown haired man sitting next to me "Do you know were are we headed?"

"They said they will take us to Pax" the man said, shivering "Hoping the Legion would take us in, but I doubt they will do it for free"

His right all of us here will probably end up being soldiers or even slaves. The Legion isn't known for its charitable nature. However I wandered will we even make it there, alive that is considering Pax is almost weeks away from here. I doubt we had enough food for all of us to eat too. Hours have passed and the other survivors began eating some food they carried with them in their bags. I turned away trying to ignore the rumble of my stomach.

Looking from the horizon we can see a huge white smoke coming behind the mountains. Dorkan, a kingdom known for being impenetrable was lost in a matter of hours. Hard to believe I manage to survive from something so tragic. The wagons suddenly stopped as my face landed between a young woman's breast. I slowly pulled my face away from her soft and tender chest wearing an awkward smile.

The woman slapped me in the face knocking me out of the wagon. "PERVERT!" The woman shouted as I put my hands on my blush red cheek. Talk about knocking my socks off that really hurt, although I don't know what hurts more, my cheek or my heart. Why did the wagons suddenly stop anyway, were days away from Pax.

"Hey you Pervert!" The woman shouted "Don't look away!" With her hands tightly joined together I closed my eyes and braced my face for impact. I just hoped I wont loose any teethes after this.

"Diana calm down its was only an accident" A blonde ponytail woman said, holding her arms back "Don't start a scene here"

"I'm sorry Amy" She said "Your right who has a time for this wimpy pervert anyway" Great I'm embarrassed and hungry talk about a two-in one treat. 

"Listened up" An armored guy with a spiky hair said "A couple of Dragon Slayers will rendezvous with us here. We will rest here till Dawn then continue our journey to Pax"

"What!? We cant stay here. The Dragon's might attack us again!" A man from the crowd shouted. "We need to keep moving!" The people began to shout in chorus hoping to continue their venture to Pax.

"ENOUGH!" The spiky haired guy shouted "If you want to head on out, unrested, unfed and deprived of sleep then go! Just know this, when your in the mouth of a Dragon, being torn apart with their sharp dagger like teethes. Know that I will be laughing from a far as we reach Pax without you!"

As scary as the man said he has a good point. No one can make it alone, not in this situation, not ever again. The Dragons' return make sure of that. If there is a perfect time to set aside the Legion's and the Brotherhood's petty grievances, now is the time to do it, because if we don't then humanity will undoubtedly fall. After that man's words no one dared to speak out as if their tongues where cut out from their mouths. 

"DINNER IS READY!" The big man's shouted, breaking the unnerving silence of the air. I approached him asking him if I can help out handling food to the survivors. His name was Garry, I thought he was gonna eat me alive with his long stare but he was actually a pretty nice guy. In fact after we were done he added an extra beef to my soup, he told me it was on the house for my work. I looked arround and saw the woman from the wagon eating with her sister. I took some deep breaths and began to walk towards them.

"Dianna right?" I grinned hoping she had already forgotten what happened earlier "My name is Koa. Can I sit here?"

"Sure" She said not even looking "But make no mistake if you go near my boobs again! I will destroy you!" She grab the neck collar of my shirt pulling it towards her steaming face.

"Loud and clear mam" I said rubbing my head as she lets go. 

"Oh dont be such a cry baby Big Sis" Amy said wrapping her arms around her "He just touched it, its not like he sucked it or anything"

"What are you saying?" Dianna blushed "The Pervert is right in front of us"

I just smiled seeing this two arguing like little girls. They don't look fazed about what happened, I actually think they don't care. As long as they had each other, they were fine. I'd like to think they're the luckiest one here. They only lost their house, their things and money. Unlike me I lost my house, my mother and probably my best friend. I have nothing left. I'm all alone.

"I told you to stop it!" Amy said, handing her white handkerchief "Look you made him cry!"

"No its not that" I said wiping the tears from my eyes "I'm just happy to see you guys still full of joy and hope, that's all"

"Great an Emotional wimpy pervert" Dianna said "Never thought I'd see the day" I just smiled at her as she turns away and resumes eating. 

After our meal me and the two sister volunteered to help with the cleaning, since dirty dishes wont clean themselves its my responsibility to make sure the dishes are clean like a whistle. Not long I found myself soaking in soap water, me and Amy team up against Dianna, splashing water at each others. Its not something I usually do but It was distracting enough to make me forget about what happened. Garry checked in on us and I can tell in his face he was surprised to see everything but the dishes soaking in water.

He turn his head and walk at the back. We stopped, baffled with what he was doing there, since he was literally throwing stuffs outside. I looked at Amy's confused face as we both wandered what he was doing. Then he step out  carrying a big bucket of water. "What are you gonna do with that?" I said, pointing my hands above my head. Gary dropped the bucket on us along with the water. I was expecting he will be angry but I guess he really is a nice guy.

"Its so beautiful" Amy said as we stared at the sunset.

"I just wished Mom and Zeke were here" I said trying to hold back the tears

"Here we go again" Dianna said, with her arms crossed "Come on stop crying emotional wimpy pervert"

"Don't worry!" I said "I wont cry anymore! I promise!" I stared at her wandering when will she stop calling me that.

"WERE BACK!" a woman's voice shouted

We turned around and saw four horses heading our way. Judging by their armors they're Dragon Slayers too. In one of the horses their was a red haired woman with a familiar face on board in her back. I went closer to make sure i was right and when I did, I immediately run across the fields. 

"ZEKE!" I shouted, running towards him 

"Koa!" He shouted back, jumping from the horse "You're alive! You're really alive!"

"I thought you were eaten too" I said giving him a big hug "My mother she's....."

"Im sorry I left you like that" He said looking down "I promise I wont ever do that again" He smiled as we began to do our secret handshake.

"Its okay" I said trying to stop my tear from flowing "Im just really glad your still alive. You asshole!"

"I thought you said you werent gonna cry anymore?" Dinna said

"Im sorry" I said, sobbing "IM JUST SO HAPPY!" Hugging her tightly.

Dianna hold her arms up in the air and swang it as hard as she can, slapping me once again. I can feel the world spining as I slowly fall down to the ground. This woman..... I think..... I like her.....


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