Chapter 2 "The Dragon Slayers"Mature

As the soldiers and town people alike began to scatter in panicked, there I stood still, gazing on this beast. I can feel the heat coming from its nostrils. My heart began to pound rapidly as my legs began to tremble. The Dragon had its eyes dead set on me as it feel likes, its staring down my soul. I swallowed hard as the Dragon began to crawl down of the wall. As soon as I knew it the Dragon was in front of me with its jaw wide open ready to devour me whole.

Why.....cant I move.....

I'm just......standing here....

Waiting for this dragon to eat me.......

Suddenly an arrow flew to the dragon's eye making it flinch in pain. I turned around seeing a brown haired man wearing the Brotherhood insignia in his clothes. "Run!" The man shouted as the dragon directs its attention to him. The man jumps aside as the Dragon swiped its dagger like claws against him demolishing a small house in its wake. I wanted to turn back and helped but what could I possibly do?

"Don't looked back!" He shouted "You must live on for your fallen Brethren! For Emre!"

His right, Emre wouldn't want to see me like this. "Thank you!" I shouted wiping the tears from my eyes. Emre joined the Brotherhood because he wanted me to have a better life, a life he never had before. A life where we don't have to steal just to feed our hunger, a life more comfortable rather than living in the streets. I have to live on because if I don't then that would mean Emre's death was for nothing.

I sprinted away as fast as I could. Hearing the echoes of screeches in the air I looked up in the sky. There I saw a blue serpent like Dragon seemingly dancing in the skies. I covered my ears as It began to released a window cracking screech. Not long a huge flock of Dragons flew by, on its way to Dorkan as it was like a their new feeding ground. The streets was engulf in flames the soldiers desperately fends themselves from the dragons. I turned away as their cries began to get quieter and quieter, until there was no more.

How many people have I passed by......

Their screams I hear in my head, all of them begging me to save them. Me!? Why me? Have they all  gotten so desperate that they will ask a thirteen year old boy to rescue them in the clutches of a giant fire breathing beast. Even with the aid of the escaped Brotherhood members we were still powerless against them. Is the end!? No! I mustn stop trying until my last breath!

Since the main gates will probably be flooded with people trying to leave I chose to go through the slum districts as it was more narrower and looked safer to use as a way out. There's an underground tunnel there used by the Brotherhood as a shortcut to the outside. Emre showed it to me once, joking that someday they will used it to taker over Dorkan. Back then I thought he was joking until now.

I reached the slums without any trouble, looks like I was right about this place. There was no sign of people near by, no one running. Maybe they all used thew tunnel and made it out. That's probably the reason for this uncanny silence. Then as I passed by an intersection there I saw a Dragon with blood dripping from its mouth. When I saw it I immediately hid on the side of a house with my hands covering mouth.

"Oh my god..." I peaked, seeing the stuff bear covered in blood.

The Dragon turned it neck left and right as if like he sense my presence. This is bad. I cant our run it and there's no other place to hide. What should I do!? Suddenly I felt a strange heat on my shoulders, I slowly turned around shaking when I saw the Dragon staring at me, with a severed arm still on its mouth. The Dragon swallowed the arm whole and proceeds to swallow me with it shapr jagged jaws. I jumped away grabbing the plank of wood I saw laying of the ground.

"Stay back!" I shouted with my hands ready to strike.

The Dragon let out a loud roar knocking me on my knees. I quickly turned away and run away as fact as I could when suddenly from out of no where a blonde armored woman jump from one  of the rooves impaling the Dragon in the head with her spear. Even with such injury the Dragon was still alive, struggling to get his head free. "This things are tougher than I thought" The blonde woman said wiping the sweat from his for head while wearing a strange smile. She broke the spear in half, stabbing the other half to the Dragon's heart. Its dead!?

Then a couple more men and woman in armor dropped by from the roofs. They're uniform looks familiar, like i saw them from a poster before. That's it this people must be the Dragon Slayers, a small faction of soldiers specially trained to kill Dragons. People were starting to think their group was just a waste of resources, that the peoples taxes were all for nothing. It turns out we were wrong. 

"Its about damn time!" The blonde woman shouted "Jude! Report!"

"The Central and West area have been destroyed" A man with a long black hair said "I'm afraid Dorkan is lost Mam, all we can do is try and save as many people as we can"

"Youre right. If only this people listened" The blonde woman said, shaking her head "Diego and Laura take the north, Jarem and Jude take the south. Me and Nea will take the east. If you have nay question say it now!" 

"What should we do with this boy?" A man with the spiky hair said, turning his head "Shall I kill him?"

"Jarem! What are you saying" The red head woman said "We can kill a child in cold blood. Look at him! He looks like he lost a lot"

"Thats the point. Think about it Nea this boy looks like he have be through hell" Jarem said, unsheathing his strange blade "Death will be his escape from this cruel world"

"We should atleast let the child choose" The fat guy with the funny fair cut said "Life or Death?" They all turn their head on my direction. Looking on, quietly as they wait for my answer.

Earlier I wanted to die, I felt as I had no reason to continue living. Watching my family get taken from me again was heartbreaking to the point I'd almost fed myself to a Dragon. Then this Brotherhood member reminded me; Emre died for me, he died for a better future a better world. I mustn't give up. I musnt. Or else....

"I WANT TO LIVE!" I shouted from the edge of my voice as tears began to drip from my eyes. Emre I will change this cruel world! I promise!

"Alright that's enough of this crappy drama, all of you go to your post" The blonde woman said "Nea, take that boy out of here. The last thing I need is a walking casualty on our way. Now move out!"

"YES COMMANDER!" They all shouted, saluting her.

Without a sign of fear they all began to go their separate ways. The creepy guy with the spiky hair grinned at me as he heads on out, by the looks of it his happy with my choice yet theres something unnerving about the way he stares. The girl with the red hair approached me, wearing her radiant smile.

"My names is Nea and we need to get out of here okay" She said, grabbing my arms "Oh whats' your name by the way?"

"Im Zeke, and I know the way out" I said, pulling her west "Its this way"

We went through the slums as I originally planed hoping that the Dragon before just wandered off away from the others. There was no sign of people left in the area since they all probably used the secret tunnels to made it outside Dorkan. At the end of the wooden bridge their lies a darkish brown Dragon blocking the tunnels. We both went behind a dumspter, away from the eyes of this beast. The Dragon was just sitting there as it was like his guarding the tunnels. Nea told me to stay hidden as she climbs on one of the roofs of the houses, with her bow ready.

In an instant the cheery, sweet girl changed to a vicious predator looking straight at her prey. She pulls out a dagger headed like arrow from her quiver and loaded it in her bow. She carefully aimed at the unsuspected beast when suddenly I slipped on a can knocking the garbage can on the ground. The Dragon turns his head and managed to saw the arrow heading its way, dodging it as it hit the walls.

"Shit!" Nea shouted as she sees the Dragon charging  towards her direction "Zeke stay back!"

I hid behind the wooden crates as I look on anxious to see what will happen. Nea fires another arrow at a nearby house but this time it had a thick rope attached to it allowing her to swing from the next house with ease. Before she can drew another arrow the Dragon unleashed a viscious red flames from its mouth. She swiftly jumps off the roof avoiding certain death as she fires another roped arrow to a tall metal post. Nea swang around the metal pole like a human tetherball releasing her grip as soon as she saw the red hot flames coming her way. While in midair she drew her arrow and aimed it at the Dragon's chest. Its feels as time has slow down as I watched the arrow pierce to the Dragon's skin.

"Phew! That was a good warm up" Nea said, jumping off the roof "Now lets get out of here before more of his friends see his corpse"

Wow! So this is the power of the Dragon Slayers. Their prowess in combat, such bravery and tactics. Having such skills will be a perfect tool to fight Dragons, and The Legion. We run through the tunnels as Nea tightly hold my hands, suddenly we can see the light at the end. We both go faster and faster and her smile made it seemed that we were just playing a game. Of course like all game, it has to end.

At the end of the tunnel there I saw piles of burned corpses lying of the ground. Men, woman, children all of them burned to crispt. So many people.... so many lives lost. I gazed on a corpse joined together. It looks like a woman embracing her child one last time. This..... is wrong! All of it! 



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