Chapter 1 "Dorkan"Mature


I starred at the poster mounted at the wall. After re-reading it couple of times I still cant believe he joined the Brotherhood. Emre, my big brother is now a rebel chase by the Legion. What was he thinking!? I told him his just gonna get himself killed over some false ideology. I don't want loose my brother, his the only family I have left.

I tore the poster off the wall and kept it in my pocket before running off to meet Koa. Today were going over the walls, since the guards will be preoccupied by getting the Guillotine ready. The Legion sure loves to roll heads on the streets. Its not everyday someone like me can get out of the Dorkan so were making the best of it.

"Zeke!" Koa shouted, waving his hands "Over here quick!"

"Sorry Im late" I said panting on my knees "Is the coast clear?"

"Yup" Koa smiled "They actually left pretty early than the last time. Probably an execution in the town square again"

"Wow that's pretty rough" I said "Well we shouldn't let their deaths be in vain and what a better way to honor their deaths than sneaking out to enjoy the outskirts of town"

"That sounded a little morbid" Koa said, turning away.

"Who cares? Its there own fault anyway. Criminals needs to be punished" I said before crawling under the hole "Lets go! We have a long day ahead of us"

Lucky for us we found a hole at the bottom of the wall near the storage. I knew there was a reason we were assigned to work in that dusty old place. As soon as I reach the end of the tunnel I was greeted by the beautiful scenery of the mountains. Man the air outside sure feels cool unlike back there where the smell of fish and meat pollutes the streets.

I turned around and saw Koa with his shirt stuck in the hole. "A little help?" Koa stammered.  His a little clumsy sometimes but he has a heart of gold, always trying to help out anyway he can. He was the guy who gives his last piece of meat to a stay dog. His mother thinks I'm a bad influence to his only son and she's probably right. To be honest I don't even know how did he end up being friends. I guess opposites do attracts each other.

We sat by the shade of a tall tree, a little south near the edge of the forest. It had the perfect view of Dorkan, better known as the Legion's Kingdom. Its weird that I find the exterior of the place magnificent, and the interior not so much. "Do you want something to eat?" Koa asked. He might have heard the loud rumbling of my stomach. I forgot I haven't eaten anything since morning.

Koa reaches out his hand revealing a packed of buttered bread. "Here have some"

"Wow" I said, widening my eyes "Thanks man! Where did you get this?"

"From the old man I helped out earlier" Koa explained "Bringing food outside is forbidden because it may attracts wild raccoons or even bears. You know how messy does things are so don't tell anyone"

"You smuggled bread?" I said taking a bite of the bread "Not bad my friend. Your learning pretty well"

"Don't flatter yourself" Koa laughed "Its not like I stole it or anything"

We both laugh together noticing were having a pointless argument again. Me and Koa knew each other since we were kids. I believe the first time we met I tricked him into giving me his nab sack. When he found out I was a thief he chased me all over town making a lot of mess behind. It was fun running around with the shouting and the throwing, until I was cornered. I thought the little punk will fight over his belongings but I was wrong.

He handed put an apple from his pocket. "Here you probably need food right" Koa said "I'm afraid there's nothing inside there but papers"

"You chase me all the way here to give me this?" I said, scrathing my head.

"I know your not bad" Koa smiled  "Your just hungry. Hunger makes you do crazy things"

After that I returned his nab sack and apologizes. Then we became friends. We had a lot of good times together, all the chaos and mischief I did he was the one who cleans then up and apologizes on my behalf. Anyways I still cant believe we ate all that bread. I'm sure not touching another wheat for a long time after this.

"Look" Koa said pointing his hands on the road.

Its Legions troops marching straight to Dorkan. Looks like they have prisoners with them. Bound in chains were Brotherhood soldiers, I can tell because of their iconic insignia of an eagle in there armors. They say it represents the freedom each person should have, by the looks of it they didn't get it.

No it can't be....... Emre!?

"Zeke wait!" Koa shouted as I ran towards Dorkan praying they're all just headed to the dungeon.

As soon as I got back to Dorkan people where flooding the streets, the bangs of the drums tingled through my ears as people began to chant "Down with the Brotherhood!" My big brother, bound in chains marching through the streets. People throwing anything they can get there hand on, from rotten tomatoes to chunks of rocks on the ground.

With clenched fist I stared at my big brother hoping  he will look in my direction "Look at me! Damn it!" Emre suddenly turns his head as if he has heard my pissed off voice. He opened his mouth saying "Everything is Alright" His lying. I can see it behind those smiles, like he always does.

The Brotherhood marched to the town square where the Guillotine was set. One by one heads rolled down the stage as the crowd cheered every time the blade landed on the rebel's necks. I wanted to turned arround and leave but the guards might think Im a traitor too. Then it was Emre's turn.

He still had this vibrant smile in his face like he always has. I turned away wiping my eyes. I don't want to witness another one of my family murder right in front of me. No, this cant be happening. Not again! First Mom, then Dad now my big brother.

"Zeke, dont cry" Emre said, as I open my eyes "Today I die knowing I fought for whats right and that is something to be proud off. I want you to live on.... Im sorry I wont be able to be with you anymore, specially during Fish night" The soldiers dragged Emre to the stage and place him on the Guillotine. He still has his smile on even in this very moment. "Everything will be alright" Emre said, as tears began dripping from his eyes"

"Emre..." I whispered.

Then everything became quiet as I stare at my big brothers face. All of the times we spend together, fishing, watching a play from the window, making Mrs Lola chased as over a piece of bread all of if flash before my very eyes. Why!? Why is this happening!? I dont need a better world! All I need is my Big brother!. Then the dropped of the blade broke the silence. I fell to my knees as Emre's head began rolling right in front of me.

Big brother..... No.....


"Do you see this everyone" The general said, pointing his finger at my direction "This is what happened when you go against the Legion"

"YOU BASTARDS!" I shouted lungingforward  to that ugly bald guy.

I know it was stupid but at that time all I thought about is that severed head lying on the floor. How disappointed he will be if I continue to remain passive. The general side steps then slams me hard on the ground. What I did ensure an execution right on the spot but... I don't care anymore. I lost everything... I have nothing to live for anymore. The General unsheathes his sword raising it with his right hand.

"No one defies the Legion" The general said, smirking "Anyone who will stand against us shall meet death. Even a little brat like you" I closed my eyes as I wait for his blade to pierce through my head.

Mom, Dad, Emre.... We will be together again.

Suddenly a loud roar echoes through the skies. The sound was bone chilling as everyone began to wander what could have been the source, then it happened. I opened my eyes as a huge figure passed by the sky, casting a huge shadow on its path. The crowd began to shudder the thought. Its been so long, why would they return? Then a big creature flew down from the heavens landing on top of the castle walls.

Is that.... a Dragon....


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