Flight of Dragons

Young Fire Ruby Dragon, Tinder, hatched in a difficult time. All the dragon Tribes are nearing to a battle that could destroy them all. Tinder feels it is up to him to stop them from fighting, but can he do it?

Tinder hurled out of the sky and flung himself at Ignite, latching onto her back. The red-orange dragon twisted back her head and snapped at Tinder. Failing to meet his scales, she flipped onto her back, squashing her friend underneath her. "All RIGHT ALREADY," snapped Tinder as he tried to wriggle out from under Ignite's body. Ignite snorted and flipped herself back up. Tinder rushed up to the sky before lowering back to his feet. "You should learn to play nice," growled Tinder while examining his red and gold wings. "It's battle training, what do you expect," said Ignite. Tinder opened his mouth to argue back when the long low blast of a horn sounded.

The End

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