Darkness and Redemption

A scream shattered the silence surrounding Zanaria. He awoke with a start, he knew that scream.

"Liako!" Zanaria muttered as he leapt from his bed and sprinted down the hall. He stopped at Liako's room, which was unusually quiet. "Liako, are you here?"

A force shoved Zanaria out the window and he tumbled to the ground. Looking up he saw Tethara leap from the window sill.

"What did you do to Liako?" Zanaria screamed as he extened his claws. Anger ripped at his chest, wanting to burst free.

"it's not what I did." Tethara said as he grinned, "It's what YOU did. You killed Liako, you killed him by what you have done."

"What!? Tethara! You killed Liako and you are going to blame it on me?" Zanaria lurched forward but stopped himself, he realized he didn't remember what happened the day before. He remembered teaching Liako to fly, but the next day was a blur.

"Zanaria, you don't remember? You must have blacked out." Tethara's smile fell from his face, almost in remorse. "Last night, you had a nightmare. You began sleep walking, you killed Liako and other Eagle humans along the way. I thought you were awake, I thought that you were knowing of your deeds."

Zanaria dropped to his knees and wept. The war had shaken him so much, he wan't the same anymore. "Who was screaming then?"

"You." Tethara shrugged, the smile was back on his face. "What are you going to do now?"

"Leaving." Zanaria wiped the tears drizzling down his cheeks. "I can't put anyone in danger anymore." Tethara kicked Zanaria's ribs once the comment was said.

"You desert your people, as easy as that?" Tethara placed his foot of Zanaria's chest. "You leave your own  brother here, to die, after killing your youngest?Face your sins! Be a man!"

Zanaria wriggled from under his brother's foot, but it was no use. Tethara was strong, even though his build suggested otherwise

"YOU MONSTER!" Tethara spat again, this time in Zanaria's face. "YOU MURDERER! YOU ARE NOTHING BETTER THAN A HUMAN!"

Zanaria looked over to his side, where his swords lay. It was no use, they were out of his reach. Tethara stepped down on Zanaria's ribs, harder and  harder.

"Die...." Zanaria hissed as he lunged as his older brother, talons extended. He stabbed at Tethara's puffed up chest, then flew back.

Tethara staggered back, putting his hands on his wounds. The blood seeped from the gashes. Tethara dropped to his knees and laughed. He looked Zanaria in his eyes and whispered as the life poured from his chest.

"There is a secret to Liako's death, you will never know!"

 Zanaria grabbed his sword and placed it in the sheathe beside his other one. He never looked back at his brother, he didn't want to see the sight of his dead brother.

"I am not a monster." Zanaria tried telling himself, but it was no use. Tethara's words had sunk in. He was a monster.

The End

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