I can fly!

Zanaria shifted his weight as he layed within the branches of his ancient tree home. He marveled at the way his fellow eagle humans went about their daily live, without having to be judged, with out the fear Zanaria lived with every day.

"Za-Za?" Liako climbed up from the window in his bed room and plopped down on top of Zanaria's chest. "Can you teach me now? The best present ever, Learning to fly?!"

Zanaria chuckled as Liako unfurled his small wings and clenched his fists as he attemped to flap them. Liako's face turned red, from the effort he was putting into it.

"Liako. Don't try so hard, just let the feeling flow through you." Zanaria coaxed, as Liako nodded and continued his attempt.


The 8th and final sun began to set over the horizion. Tethara busied himself in the kitchen, preparing dinner for his brothers. Liako and Zanaria were perched on the top of their tree home, hoping flight would come soon.

"You know, Flying is hard work." Liako dropped to his butt and lowered his head. "I will never fly."

Zanaria's heart fractured at the sight of his little brother, so sad. He picked Liako up and whispered in his ear

"I'm going to teach you how to fly the way I learned." Zanaria put grasped Liako in both hands and flung him over his head.

"WHAAAAAAAA!" Liako cried, and he tried to flap his wings. He didn't want to fall, he didn't want to die.

Zanaria pushed off from the tree branch and flew as fast as he could to the soaring Liako, who was slowly wobbling in the air. he had the first part of flying down pact.

"I'm doing it!" Liako called as his wings flapped even harder and he started to rise. Zanaria laughed and flipped over in the air, so his face was looking at Liako's

"Happy birthday, Liako." Zanaria turned Liako around and began the short flight home. As they flew, Zanaria swore he could see small ribbons of darkness wrapping around his arms. But shook his head, thinking it was all a dream.

The End

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