Flight of an Eagle

And old story that I wrote a while back, contained a character named Zanaria. This is like the aftermath of the battle, or like a sequel to that story...
Anyway, It's Zanaria's Flight through the galaxy, trying to make everything thing right, even though what he did isn't that mosterous.

All around me was flesh and blood. My own sword, my own claws damaging the ones I loved. Yes, they were diseased, yes they were going to die anyway, What I did is unforgivable. My mate, slaughtered, but only because she was overtaken by the disease. Her features becoming warped and fragmented, like Picasso's art.

I stood there, among the dead, after cutting off my own wing, for It had started to become diseased. Retracting my claws, and falling to the ground. The hard, cold, green blood soaked ground. I wept, It's not like I wanted it, but I did. I cried for my people, the eagle-humans. I cried for those wretched Frog-humans as well, but most of all I cried for myself. For what I had become, nothing more than a blood-thristy beast.

"I am a monster." I whispered. I looked towards our 5th sun Orios, named after our God of war and yelled, "The Guardian of Yttar, reduced to this?! Strike me now!"


Zanaria woke with a start, sending pain through his spine. He looked towards his new wing, donated by his uncle (he had no need for it, being as he was about to die anyway). He ran his fingers through his black mop of hair and threw himself from his bed.

"Zanaria....." His Brother called from the kitchen, the smell of Rtyainn and Berries wafted around his nose, making his mouth water. "Breakfast!"

Zanaria began to spread his wings, but regretted his choice, seeing as his wingspan was too big for his small closet sized room.

Once in the kitchen, Zanaria plopped down on the weathered rocking chair, extened his claws and speared one of the small Rtyainn. He took a bite of the small rodent and let the meat's flavor take over.

"Za-Za?" A small eagle human waddled over to Zanaria and tugged on his belt. "You said you would teach me to fly today! Will you?" The little boy smiled and held his breath waiting for the answer.

Zanaria bent over and much to his older brother Tethara's wishes, picked up the child and spun him around the room.

"of course! Why ask such a silly question?" Zanaria always had a soft spot for his little brother, Liako. Something about his big blue eyes and the way he couldn't pronouce anything worth a darn made Zanaria fall before his every whim.

Liako giggled and dove into Zanaria's chest, arms wide, ready for embrace. Zanaria kissed him upon the forehead and held him close.

Tethara walked over to the brothers and pried Liako from the embrace. He then whispered in Zanaria's ear. "I don't trust you, you know. I can't, not after what you did. Don't taint Liako's mind with your barbaric ways."

Tethara was always like this, overprotective and wary. He was the one who watched from the corner as Zanaria was awarded and loved, while Tethara, who had past his time of adult hood, brooded in self pity and hate. There had always been something between Zanaria and his older brother, and there always will. Even if it means breaking up such a loving moment.

Liako peered from over Tethara's shoulder, as he was shuffled off to his room. Liako quickly remembered to tell Zanaria something so he called

"Za-Za! It's my birthday today! I'm going to be four!" Zanaria Laughed as Liako held up 3 fingers, just in case Zanaria didn't understand the whole concept of "four". "Za-Za! I love you!"

Zanaria, smiled, now a days those were rare. But Liako never ceased to make a grin apear across Zanaria's face. Even in the darkest of times.

The End

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