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Gabe entered Lily's room to visit just like any other day he had before. Lily seemed a little more down then usual on this particular day. Gabe tried to offer his support but she just didn't feel like engaging in conversation. Gabe left her and promised he would come check on her later, and he left her room.

Shortly after Lily drifted off into a deep, deep slumber.

It was a sunny day, Ian and I were at the beach resting under the bright blue skies.  We were on an Island surrounded with crystal blue water and sandy shoreline. It didn't seem like there was any life around for miles, and the silence was soothing. I closed my eyes as the sun beat down on my body and I could hear the waves crashing gently at the shore. There were birds flying and chirping up above me.

Moments later Ian clasped my hand and lead me to the water's edge, trailing me deeper into the water. It was so cool and refreshing against our warm bodies as if to blanket them with comfort. The breeze was warm and sweet as we floated out a little farther. The twilight was nearing and the stars would carpet the skies soon so we headed back in.

Ian created a small fire on the beach near the water, and we cuddled up under heaven's blanket. There was a small romantic cabin farther back, but we hadn't visited it all day.  It was so peaceful and calm, and can't help but wish every day could be so serene.

Ian leaned into to kiss me passionately , just like he did that night on our first date at the drive in movie. He tilted me backward onto the silky sand and made love to me as the night fell around us. Then we fell asleep in each other's arm.

The rain woke me in the early dawn, but I was alone. I ran to the cabin and searched high and low. I circled the whole Island looking for him before falling to my knee's in tears. From behind he a hand mildly landed on my shoulder, and I whirled around in alarm. It was Gabe, not Ian and he was smiling at me feverishly.

"What are you doing here, and where is Ian,"I commanded. Gabe lifted me up and cupped my my chin in his palm. "It's just us now, remember?" he whispered.

I didn't remember at all, and I knew nothing of his words. I tried to scream but I was mute, and I tried to run but I couldn't move. I felt dizzy and nauseous and then I passed out.

"Lily," Gabe's voice called. "Lily can you hear me, your dreaming." My eyes flung open and Gabe was standing over me. I sat up and immediately scooted away from him. Gabe looked at me in shock, "Lily, what's wrong what did I do." After I had a chance to bring myself back to reality, my eyes darted over to Gabe who looked frightened. "I'm sorry, bad dream," I apologized.

I told Gabe about the dream, and the last part seemed to secretly satisfy him. There is no way he could be getting emotionally attached to me, I mean he just lost his wife. Or could he? No I can't think about that, not now when Ian is the only man who has my heart. We have been here barely a week, or so they have lead me to believe. Gabe? He was handsome, but I wasn't going to let it fluster me in a time of crisis.

There was a knock at the door and a doctor I have never seen entered the room. "Hello," her voice sang." I'm Dr. Mayo and I'm going to be drawing some blood today, it will only take a few moments and then you can come back she motioned to Gabe."

After Gabe was clear from the room she wheeled her cart next to my bed. "You know, " she started, " You been here about a week and I haven't seen you mingling with the others."  She seemed sneaky to me and I didn't trust her at all. "Yeah, I'm just kind of trying to make sense of all this," I lied. "Sense of what?" she inquired.

"Well, they say were in the suspended sector floating way above Earth's atmosphere and the world we knew is no more," I protested. She was silent and let me continue, "Yet, nobody can give us proof, nobody has been outside of this bubble were trapped in. How do you know the world down there is gone, there are no televisions to broadcast even if it were. Also I'm a little confused as to how someone could hide a place like this without being found out. Don't you think it's strange?"

I wanted to see what type of lie she was going to school me with, although all those thoughts were relevant. After a few moments of awkward silence she finished up with the vials of blood. Which was another unknown factor,  did she need  only my blood or everyone's? She said she only does what she is told, she wasn't instructed why.

She packed up her cart and headed to the door, "I wish I had answers for you sweetheart," she said exiting the room.

Gabe's friendly face popped in the door second's later. The majority of our conversation strayed away from anything to do with us, I made sure of that.

"Gabe?" I asked, "Do you think we will ever leave this place, be free again, and find a way to move on with our lives?" He smiled back at me and said, " I sure hope so Lily, I sure hope so."

Back at the lab with  Dr. Mayo and Theis......

"She is starting to ask to many question," Dr. Mayo complained. "If we don't give her some sort of hope soon she will start poking her nose where it doesn't belong." Dr. Theis took a deep breath , "Maybe we should bring out her parent's."

" What did you say," Ian barged in."Her parents are dead." Dr. Theis and Mayo looked at each other and busted out laughing. "Yet just another discovery by Ian, wow you can't get anything past that mans ears." Ian's voice got angry," How do you think she is going to react to that huh?, her parents just lied to her all these years but hey honey were alive, surprise."

"Oh Ian," Dr. Mayo jumped in, "You should of seen Gabe and Lily all cozy in conversation." This angered Ian but he held himself together for Lily's sake.

"Get this blood over to Dr.Lee over in the VIP wing right away, " Dr, Theis instructed Mayo and she disappeared. He told her they would discuss the introduction of her parents later tonight.

The End

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