Lily's babyMature

........Far across the sector in a restricted area.

"Good morning Ian, how are you feeling this morning?" Dr. Theis asked as he entered the room. "Where am I?" he muttered. "And why don't I remember anything?" "Where is my wife?" he demanded.

"Calm down Ian, I know this was not part of the deal but I need motivation in case Lily doesn't come through." I calmly replied. "What?" Ian snapped, "You promised no harm would come to her or our baby."Dr. Theis checked his vitals then spoke, "and it won't as long as she doesn't screw things up."

The door opened and another doctor walked in, she was younger then myself. "This is Dr. Mayo," Dr. Theis introduced. "She will be looking after you until progress is made."

Ian took a deep breath and uttered, "I can't wait until this is all over, and I don't even know what is going on."

Ian was only told to talk Lily into taking the job interview and getting on that flight. He had no idea where he was being held, nor did he now earth had been deemed unlivable. He was promised in exchange for his actions he would eventually be reunited with his wife. Not even Ian knew her parent's were alive.

These so called vision's Lilly was having were all a side effect of the drug that was secretly being dosed with in her supplements. The only one with any kind of gift was the child she was carrying. The fact that her child's birth depended of the future of man kind was the only thing keeping her safe right now. 

"You, know Ian," Dr. Theis laughed, " do you really think Lily will want you now that your blind and can never see her again." He continued on, " What kind of life would that be? Stumbling around in a dark world, knowing she deserves much more."

"You bastard, you did this to me," Ian yelled. "Our love will be the destruction of you and this little scheme you have going on." Ian moaned in pain as his body ached from being strapped down to the metal table. "I will find a way to get to her, and I will tell her the truth," Ian threatened.

"The truth," Dr. Theis snorted, "and what exactly is the truth Ian? Do you even know anymore?" Ian was silent as Dr. Theis left the room. He was right Ian thought as he tried to remember back to the day the commotion all started. His memory was fading from all the drugs he was being pumped up with, but he would never forget Lily. He knew she loved him more then anything as he did her. He made a promise to himself that he would get them both out of this mess. If he knew at the time this was all hoax to create life on another planet he would have never signed up for it.

If Lily knew that the baby she was carrying was not hers or mine, she would never forgive him. If she knew that thing inside her womb was the very thing making her question her sanity, she would bring harm upon herself. The blood that flows through her veins, the very blood infused inside her only days ago was going to cause her agony and anger.This whole illusion Theis was painted is almost believable, to someone as innocent as my Lily. The truth is they spare our lives after it's all over, will be to much for her.

Why did she have to be compatible to carry this child, why couldn't they use someone else as a vessel. What was so important about the survival of this child that lives were being sacrificed?  What was the one thing the doctor was keeping from me , the key to everything. He had told me everything else, why not this?

Gabe's part in this all was just a distraction to keep her from getting to nosy, and his feelings were going to ruin him. He had no healing hand I mean seriously if that were true don't you think people would of heard about him before?  "That jerk was trying to steal my wife," Ian said aloud. To think his own father was betraying him as well. What if Gabe knew the truth? What if Gabe found out his wife was the first womb they experimented on and she was going to die regardless. Would he help me? Maybe if I could find a way to get to him and convince him, then maybe we could escape.

I can't stand anymore of the taunting stories of how Gabe is getting close to my Lily, and if his love for Natalie was near as strong as mine he would understand. He had to right? What if he did know and he was playing dumb, because he wanted another chance at having a child. To bad he didn't know the cold truth.

All these lies Dr, Theis had been telling everyone would eventually catch up with him, they had to right?

The End

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