Gabe's POVMature

As the days pass I want to tell her my feelings, but I also didn't want to loose her friendship. Each day it became harder for me to leave her, knowing I want more then conversation. She reminds me so much of my  Natalie that I just want to sweep her up in my arms and never let her go.

I often day dream of her lips on mine, how they taste. Running my finger's through her hair as she gazes in my eyes. It felt selfish to feel this way when my wife had been taken from me such a short time ago. People get lonely , they need to be needed its human nature. I wouldn't even know how to engage in such a thing, if there is a proper way. Maybe it's better I just fight the feelings and suppress them for a while.

Also what happens when she starts questioning about Kristy? Kristy's guilty conscious was going to tell her and ruin everything we had been fighting for. It's to bad because she was an asset to this team, with her mind reading abilities Maybe if I offer up an excuse before she can ask one, then she be satisfied. She was an intelligent girl, and I hated all the lying.

If she knew what I was keeping from her she would never trust me again, and I would loose her forever. I know dad said don't get attached son it only makes it harder in the end. Of course, but with such beauty as her how is it possible not to be lured in? It was breaking my heart lying to her day after day, so much so that I would trade death over her hatred of my betrayal any day.

Really what would you do if you found out your parents were still alive after all these years. That they had been living in secret, and were behind this whole collaboration she was trapped in. Linda and Peter were housed in a restricted area that only few staff member's knew about , and had access to. It's no wonder chemistry runs through her genes, she was born into science. Linda and Peter have been working on this project ever since her disappearance, and have made some grand discoveries. Had they only been made sooner we could have avoided this whole mission.

Dr.Theis let them sneak in and check on her while she and everyone one else slept. Though at first they were held against their will Linda and  Peter became use to their work. If it meant being able to be with their daughter again, they would do just about anything. How do they know Lily would even forgive them for  being covert all these years. Missing her high school graduation, her engagement, and even her wedding day. How alone she must have felt to not have her father present to walk her down the isle. No mother to go dress shopping with and help plan everything. They felt absolutely horrible about it, but the choice was not theirs to make.

She had not yet been told about what they expected of her, and it was a  lot trust me. Her blood when mixed with certain chemicals made them dangerously strong. Her blood type was rare and still be learned about, it was still in the early ages of understanding it's make up. There had only been two other people in existence that possessed this blood, not 1% of the population. Yet another lie fed to her to make it more believable. So what if we do succeed at all the requirements to return to Earth, who's to say it won't already be inhabited by other beings human or non-human. I felt like I was loosing a part of my mind it all this madness.

This whole attempt to revive earth was beginning to sound exhausting. There were moments when I wanted to buy into her comments about having proof earth was demolished. I mean its not like there was an elevator that took you down to check. What if this was all some plot to create the very virus they say destroyed earth.

I was about to head to her room when my father walked in,"Hello son," he spoke. "I'm not in a talking mood," I threw back. He gave me that glimpse of disappointment before continuing, " Now I told you from the beginning this was going to be hard and you have to stay loyal to the plan." He was right , he did warn me. I just don't get why we  couldn't we just tell them the truth?  I mean half of them were just test subjects, yet they were pumped up with lies about having gifts. What was going to happen when they started asking questions?To be honest I was having a hard time determining what was real and what was part of the plan. How do I know I'm not being lied to as well?

To think this was only one of many secrets I was concealing from her.

The End

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