A killer on boardMature

I met Gabe in the common room as promised the next morning, he flagged me over were he sat with a group. "Hey everyone, this is Lily she is going to have a baby." Gabe announced. A few people didn't really say anything, and one lady just gave me an evil stare. Then an excited voiced chirped in, "Can I touch your belly for good luck?" The slightly younger girl couldn't have been more the 19 with her long black locks of hair bouncing around her face. Which was very beautiful, and a set of emerald green eyes to compliment her tan skin. " Oh Please," she cried again. Gabe looked at he and the to her," Now Kristy , lets give her some space to breath first." she looked at him with puppy dog eyes, but complied as she sat down next to me. "It's OK," I replied. The exact moment she touched my belly I wasn't in the common room anymore.

I was in Ian's office, but it was like I was invisible just their watching from the corner. Kristy was the across the desk from Ian and I was trying to make out what they were saying. "Well how much do you think we can collect?" she asked. Ian was studying the paper in front of him. What is this, what's going on? Nobody could hear me. I began crying, what was she trying to collect. Then she spoke again, "Well do you think there is a chance she will ever find out about her blood type?" Then everything went dark and the voice were gone, and I was.....lost.

"Everyone stand back, "I heard Dr.Theis demand as my eyes fluttered under the bright light. He called to Gabe, get a gurney we need to have her examined now." Next thing I remember was being wheeled into a large dome shaped room, then I was out again.

I saw a shimmering light, it was Ian emerging from it. I was so excited I forgot what I just saw and I reached for him. "You have to hold on baby," he mumbled. His voice was weak and I could barely hear him. "Wait, don't leave me I need you," I cried with despair. He held my hand and knelt beside me. "Lily, I did this all for you, for you and baby Ian." I was at a loss for words, "did what," I inquired. he smiled that beautiful smile of his as he began to fade, " I love you Lily, but sometimes you have to put other's happiness before your own." I didn't understand, what did he mean? "I will always be in your heart," his words faded away.

 I jumped up and realized I was back in my room, Gabe sitting in the chair beside me. My alarming gasp startled him and he immediately came to my side. "Are you OK?" he prayed. "What happened?" I asked. He claimed he came to me room to get me this morning and I was passed out on the floor. He ran to get his father right away to help me back up on the bed. Dr. Theis diagnosed it as a panic attack and asked him to stay with me until I woke. " What about Kristy,?" I pleaded. He looked at me surprised and replied, "I didn't know you knew her, but unfortunately she passed away in her sleep last night." He went on to explain that there were rumors she was smothered in her sleep, but no evidence. It's not like we had a crime lab and camera's keeping tabs on everyone. We were in space for Christ sake.

"So I never left my room?" I asked. He took my hand and smoother over,"No Lily I been here with you all morning," he assured me. He got back up and sat in the chair next to me," So you want to know my gift now?" I smiled and nodded for him to begin.

"They call it the healing hand," he spoke out. " It seems some how my presence can neutralize infection, virus, or diseases." Before I could even ask he cut me off, "I can only channel a small perimeter at a time." He mentioned that his father was hoping I could find a chemical enhancing formula to enlarge the area of which to be controlled. If in time we can accomplish this, there may be hope we can make sure Earth's atmosphere  is rid of its destruction. Then we can begin to slowly rebuild our home and once again expand the human race.

" Have you ever wondered?" I asked, "If were going to find bodies down there?" Gabe tilted his head down and the at me, "Yes every day that thought crosses my mind."

I was still a little curious about the whole kristy ordeal, and how Ian was connected to her. Why did she suddenly die after my premonition or whatever it was? I know Dr. Theis said it's not always accurate, but its to coincidental. The real question is do we have a killer on board? If so why would they be targeting certain people. It would help to learn what Kristy's gift was first, which may also help me understand my premonition. Maybe I had it all wrong, maybe there meeting was to save me. Perhaps Ian knew all along, and he knew me knowing would only complicate things. He knew when the moment came I wouldn't be able to leave his side, even to save the world.

I would ask Gabe tomorrow, I had enough excitement for one day. "Hey Gabe?" I asked. "Can we go to the common room now?" He looked up with a big smile and happily said, "Of course we can."

The End

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