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It has been a few days and Gabe and I were becoming really good friends as there wasn't much to do in here. He was very sweet, considerate and most of all respectful. Each new day I anticipated his visit, which kind of made me feel like I was cheating on Ian as crazy as it sounds.

It was on the third day Dr.Theis finally visited me, I was anxious, nervous, and annoyed all in the same time frame if it's possible. "Good morning Lily I see you and Gabe have been speaking," he announced. "Though I think it would be healthy if you spent more time outside of your room with the others as well, " he continued. I didn't respond to him, instead just let him babble on for a few moments.

"So I assume you know why I'm here?" he asked. Without hesitation I replied, "Yes, to find out what my purpose here is." He giggle and responded," Yes we all have a special gift to contribute to the worlds resurrection."  He studied his charts for a few moments before speaking again, "Unlike the other's you have a few."

The most obviously he explained was my experience as a chemist, and being with child to help repopulate was an unexpected bonus. Another whether you are aware or not , is your ability to see small frames of the near future. I was confused of what he meant by this and he could tell by the look on my face. "The dreams, the deja vu, they are all part of this gift." he explained. " They are not always exact and it's hard to determine the exact time frame, but we can learn to expand your ability. Last but not least, is your blood, it is the rarest of any human I have had the privilege of meeting." He went on to explain it was a secret even from society, a blood type they name infinity. It was said only 1% of the human population posses this blood, and it's origin is still a mystery. They came across it when I  was in the fatal accident that killed my parents. They had been tracking me all along.

So why didn't they spare Ian, if they new how much he meant to me. Maybe all this would be easier for me it I had him with me, but I suppose they looked at him as a distraction. I wasn't even sure if earth was truly gone, I mean had anyone really asked for proof yet?

He broke my train of thought, "Over the next few weeks everything will seem chaotic as we all get settled in our new assignments, but I don't want you to worry."

Worry, really? Was he even serious, and premonitions? Me? Yeah right. I would have noticed them sooner then just now, unless the stress triggered it.

After he left me to myself I plopped down on the bed and closed my eyes.

When I woke up I was home again in Atlanta in my old house, or one that looked exactly like it. There was something different, baby toys scattered about every where. I heard the television and hurried into the front room. "Ian?"  I called with joy. When I reached the front boy a little boy sat snug in Ian's favorite chair and replied, "Yes mommy?" He couldn't have been more then three or so. He was a spitting image of Ian, from his curly blonde hair to his baby blue eyes. I was frozen, I didn't know what to do. In a panic I searched around the room for photos , hoping to see my Ian was still alive. The room was absent of any photos, actually and picture or art at all. It was quite plain now that I look closer, and it felt like the walls were begging to close in on me. I ran to baby Ian's side and held him tight , then closed my eyes.

I woke back up in this hell whole of a floating city, there was no house, no baby Ian, just nothingness. I rubbed my belly and whispered to myself, " So your a boy huh?" At that moment I felt a little movement, first time since I learned I was pregnant. I began to cry tears of joy, it felt like such an emotion moment. I only wished his daddy was here to share it with me.

There was a knock at the door and I heard Gabe's voice call from behind to enter. I was actually excited to tell someone else about the baby news, well the movement part. "Oh, there it is again Gabe,"  I chimed as I put his hand on my belly. I wonder if this all pained him more then it did help, knowing he would never get to do this with his wife.

"Gabe, You don't have to do this, be my friend you know," I assured him. He looked at me with that sadness before recovering with a fake smile, "I want to, " he breathed. "I think I need this," he continued. "I think I need to endure this to get over my pain." I patted his hand and he gave my shoulders a squeeze. This was the first time since I arrived I can actually say a moment of happiness won the battle.

Gabe and I spent most of the afternoon talking about things we would do when this was all over. The first thing we would eat, place we would go, and people we would look for. We understood each other, don't be mistaken that he could ever take Ian's place. I was just nice to have a small slice of serenity in a huge society of unanswered questions.

I had also told Gabe of the things his father told me, and that he mentioned I should come out of my room more. "He is right you know, it would be good for the baby." Gabe spoke. "Good exercise and being social with the others ." So I agreed tomorrow I would meet him in the common room where other's gathered to hang out.

It was getting late and Gabe decided it was time to leave. As he slid through the door I asked, "Gabe what is your gift?" he smiled back at he and returned, "We can talk all about it tomorrow." I nodded in approval and he disappeared into the hallway.

I rolled over and rubbed my belly again before catching sleep. " Good night baby Ian, mommy loves you," I whispered.

The End

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