Friend or FoeMature

I was already up and dressed when I heard a knock at the door. "Come in," I permitted. It was a young man about my age. He was slightly taller then me standing about 5'9, his hard was dark brown, and eyes a deep brown. He seemed to be in good shape as if he worked out regularly, not that I was intentionally looking. "Hello I'm Gabe," he said cheerfully. I don't remember seeing him on the flight, but it was hard to tell as everyone wore the same attire. Well aside from color, the boys wore a light blue color. I studied him over a few more moments before extending a reply.

"Hello I'm Lily," I moped. " I know, I asked Dr.Theis after the meeting yesterday." He threw me a unsure smile and continued, "It's nice to meet you."  I didn't want to make new friends, I didn't want to be here either. Avoiding him would only prompt him to try harder so I finally spoke, " and what is your part in all this?" He looked hesitant but responded anyway,"I...I'm Dr.Theis son, and a ...well I was in med school." I wasn't sure if he was sent to collect information, or if he was just looking for company. He seemed a little to chipper to not know what was going on. Beside if I lay on a little charm maybe I can squeeze information out of him that the others don't know.

"So who sent you in here, what do you want?" I sassed. He looked at me with his warm brown eyes and behind them I sensed a kind of sadness, one I recognized well. "I lost someone to you know, " He darted back. That thought hadn't accrued to me, and I felt like a complete jerk. "I'm sorry Gabe I didn't know, it's just that I really don't know what to expect anymore," I whispered. I patted the chair next to my bed where I sat, and he accepted the invitation. "It's just, well, me and my wife were also expecting, and well, I ...I just wanted to see how you were feeling," he smiled.

I wanted to trust him, I really did. At this point I couldn't even trust I wasn't in some morbid nightmare that I couldn't wake from. Maybe I'm in a coma and all this is an illusion my brain is feeding me. Yes, and maybe I will wake up and I will be back at home with Ian.

"Lily," Gabe's voice broke my concentration. I looked up at him and he continued, " It doesn't have to be all bad you know, this whole situation." I wanted to believe him, he seemed innocent with pure intention's. "At least, well if you want, we can be friends." he swallowed. Though I wasn't confident I  retorted, "Yeah sure." After a few moments he chimed back in," So tell me about yourself, what did you do on the outside?"

I made mention of the event that I had been through in the last 48 hours, I spoke of Ian, and I mentioned how we had met. He was a good listener, and I admit it felt good saying it all out loud. We took turns talking of ourselves. He mentioned his wife, Natalie and how this was there third and finally attempt at child birth. They had met in med school his first year and have been inseparable ever since. Now I understood his compassion for my delicate situation, and how he longed for his own child.

I asked him what he knew about Pandemonium city, but he promised he was kept in the dark as well and only knew what I knew. His father had given him a congratulatory drink about the baby news, and must of added something that knocked him unconscious, because he woke here just like the rest of us.

It was apparent he was chosen for his medical experience, but I still hadn't figured out my purpose yet. Even though I was still on guard Gabe seemed harmless, and it was nice having someone to talk to. I tried to prod and poke a little more about what he knew , but he didn't budge. He asked if he could come back later and talk some more, and I granted him permission.

"Lily?" he called from the doorway. "Yes?" I answered. "What will you name your baby?" he asked. I hadn't thought much about it really, if it was a boy of course Ian, but if it was a girl I had not clue. "I don't know," I replied and he left the room.

The End

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