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We entered a large room, and as I looked around I saw all the passenger's from flight 1301 looking just as confused as I. I found a seat near the front and waited for Dr. Theis to begin. "I'm sure your all wondering why your here," he admitted. There were chattering responses flying from every direction of the room. " It all began twenty years ago upon some discoveries," he announced. "You were all hand selected to be on that flight."

He went on to explaining that we all had a contributing reason for being the chosen ones. He promised each of use would soon learn of our qualifying factor in the whole equation. Apparently there was an out break on an unknown disease release upon earth's atmosphere, its originator unknown. Amongst one of was the very individual that predicted this catastrophic event, whom he introduced to us as Edward Graham.

The aircraft we were aboard caused by false accusations had been specially designed to uphold any penetration from the outer atmosphere. Along with the facility we were housed in that was suspended far beyond earth's atmosphere. The only living souls that knew of this information was the staff designers and the member's of flight 1301. It was decided if the government had their hands on such knowledge it would create hell on earth.

The room was quiet as it was slew of unfortunate information to devour. "I know all of you will need some time to face the horrific reality of this  incident," Dr.Theis sympathized. He continued to say, " Please also see my point of view, and our time restriction. We are currently working on ways to expand this dilemma as well, there have been some break trough's as far as food goes. We have created a supplement that acts as a food supply, and we have plenty for everyone. We estimate it should last up to 5 years, give or take a few months. We have also found a way to contain a sterile water supply, but it is scarce and should be portioned out wisely. The reason's for your selection will hopefully lead to the source and the solution of earth's rebirth. Over the next few weeks I will visit you all individually so we can brief you of your purpose."

He went on for hours about the facility and it's great effort to ramp up for this very catastrophe. The were whispers of an Alien race in pursuit of earth's rehabilitation for their personal expansion. Lots of people were just silent, some cried, some seemed to be in shock still, and a few even thought it was imposing to be here. They had all unofficially named our new dungeon Pandemonium city, which I guess fit pretty well with they way we all felt. As for myself, I was numb I guess you might say. We were then given a tour of the dwelling and excused to our sleeping quarters. We were free to roam about as we please, as the restricted area's required a key card to enter.

Back in my "room" or whatever I should call it I just lay in the dark thinking. The fact that I would never see Ian again was weighing on my mind. Thoughts running through my head of how he must of felt at that very moment his life was taken. Were his last thoughts of me, was it painful, and was he as scared as I am right now. It was selfish to be scared since my life had been spared, but I was. Which led me to another question, why me, what made me so damn special and not Ian? What kind of life would this be for a bastard child? At the same time the certainty that a part of him was growing inside me , made me feel connected to him still.

I always felt Ian and I had a connection like nobody ever felt, one that was unconditional and endless. We sometimes could tell what the other was feeling, so why didn't I see this coming? Why was I so careless? At this point I'm not even sure the job interview was a hoax to get me on this flight, or if I was actually qualified for the job. Or if they were in on it, considering I have not met every single staff member on this floating mad house.

I was exhausted from all the bullshit we had just been spoon fed and fated to try and sleep. As I drifted into languor I visioned Ian laying next to me, with his arms wrapped around me just like at home. The way his goatee tickled the back of my neck when he planted his sweet kisses there. The scent of his cologne lingering on my pillow, his muscular body mashed up against mine, and his cute little laugh he made when he was caught in a fib. This is healthy I think, keeping his memory burning in my heart. I needed to remember everything about him, I needed to remember so our child would know. I needed to remember because I wasn't sure I believed this far fetched story we were all disclosed. He has to be out there, I have to believe he is and he will find me. I have to believe our love will prevail anything, even death.

I exhaled heavily as tears rolled onto my pillow,  then I passed out.

The End

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