Oh my gosh what a freaking headache, " I cried out as I tried to open my eyes. I felt loop like I had been drugged , so my will to move anything was minimal. "Hello?, is anyone there," I called. There was nothing but silence,  the room seemed cool and isolated. It was dark and I couldn't make anything out, except the bed I lay in. I took a deep breath and managed to sit up. With my head still throbbing, I stretched out my arms feeling for anything in front of me. Before I could get ten ft the door cracked up and a beam of light leaked in. I could see the figure of a person, male or female I wasn't sure.

"You're awake," a female voice boomed. I was a bit disoriented and trying to recall my prior memories. I did not respond, to her comment as I was a little angry as well. "I'm going to turn on the light now, " she continued. When the brightness hit my pupils I squinted until my vision was at par. This Woman looked kind and had a bit of a motherly tint to her. She sat down on the bed next to me and smoothed her hand over my face. I  just sat still as she seemed to look me over, trying to read my thoughts.

"Where am I?" I finally breathed. She totally declined my question and in return asked if I needed anything. She mentioned the doctor would be in shortly, and I could canvass him with any questions I have. Then she left the room, leaving the dim light on. I surveyed the small room I was imprisoned in, and it was much like a college dorm. My clothes had been changed, and I sported a white pair of scrubs like the nurses where. I searched for any kind of evidence to convince me of my whereabouts, but again left disappointed.

Finally after an hour or so the door creaked open again, revealing a short much older gentleman. "How are you feeling today Lilly?" he enjoined. I gazed into his face as if to burn a hole right through it, "Where the hell am I?" I grilled in an impatient tone. "Let me check all your vitals first, then we will go from there," he prompted. I threw my arm up defensively and howled, "You will not fucking touch me, and I want to know where the hell I am RIGHT NOW."

The doctor took a step back and studied me, then he quietly spoke, "I know this must all be quite devastating, but I promise I will tell you everything." He waited for me to return to a seated position and the took the chair next to my bed. "What is the last thing you remember?" he requested. I was motionless and silent as I tried to play back any memories in my head.

"I...I was on a flight back home, I answered. He nodded with confirmation waiting for me to continue. "oh god , " I cried. "Did the plane crash? You know I had a dream the night before that it did." I went into a frenzy and I started hyperventilating. He looked at me with such concern then muttered, "Please calm down Lilly, its not good for the baby."  I gave him a look that could kill, "Baby?," I whispered. "Oh I take it you didn't know, " he apologized.

Suddenly Ian's face came to me, and it brought me a little ease. "Where is my husband?" I pleaded, " I have to tell him." The doctor, who's name I hadn't caught yet gave me a blank stare. "What's going on? what aren't you people telling me?" I barked. He inhaled gravely, " Your plane did not crash, the rest of the world ...not so lucky." It took me a minute to gather what he was saying, wait what was he saying? Was he saying that only the passenger's aboard flight 1301 were the only survivors that remained on the whole entire earth? No this can't be accurate, I can't loose Ian not now with a baby on the way. I felt the doctor's eyes concentrating on my body language.

"What...what do you mean?" I  balked. He stood up and extended his hand, "I'm Dr. Theis by the way." How could he think I gave a shit what his name was after what he just told me. I just wanted to know what was going on, where I was, and what was waiting outside this room I'm trapped in. "Please, follow me, " he begged. " Let all your questions be answered." I was almost petrified to pursue his steps, but I did as he asked.

The End

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