Ian's POF

I starred at the clock impatiently waiting as I was about to go pick up Lily from the airport. It had been three whole days since I looked into her bright green eyes. The memory of the way her hair smelled exploded into my thoughts. I have missed her so much and couldn't wait to hear her sweet voice again. I grabbed my car keys and climbed into the car.

I knew the traffic would be heavy this time of day so I left early. I found a rock station and anxiously enjoyed the long commute into the airport. Upon arrival I parked in the parking garage and made my way to the flight screens along the wall. I scanned them all searching for Lily's flight, there must have been some kind of mistake.

I found a help desk and requested some assistance. An older gentleman approached the counter, "Yes sir how can i help you?" I gave him Lily's flight number and his fingers pounded away at the keyboard. Moment's later he looked up stumped, "I'm sorry sir there is no such flight 1301." He turned the screen to show me himself. I walked away rattled as I reached my back pocket for my phone.

I checked the time, according to Lily's information she should have landed twenty minutes ago. I scoured the gates looking for her, but I came up empty. I rang her cell, but it went into voicemail immediately.

I found security and explained my unfortunate situation and gave them Lily's information. "Please have a seat while we check sir," the officer spoke. About twenty minutes past before the officer emerged from behind the counter. The officer beckoned me over to where he was standing. "Mr. Edevane are you sure you gave me the right information?" he asked. I quickly responded, "Yes I am absolutely positive I know my wife's information." I was outraged at the accusation and another officer appeared from behind the counter.

" Sir" he started, "We have no record of a Lily Edevane ever boarding any flight out of this airport. " Then he went on, "As matter a fact, we don't have a record of said person period." I stared him straight in the face, "Well there must be some kind of mistake." The officers looked at each other then at Ian. "Sir is there someone we can call to pick you up." I shouted NO as I shouted over my shoulder and lead myself to the parking garage.

I sat in my car and pulled down the sun visor, revealing a picture of Lily and I at the beach. I gripped the steering wheel and I went into hysteria. I felt like I was suffocation as I gasped to catch my breath. I was clueless, and didn't even know what my next move was.

The End

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