Bad weatherMature

Ma'am please fasten your seat belt," the flight attendants voice rang in my ear. There was a hoard of panic-stricken passenger's screaming and flailing their arms about. All the oxygen masks had been deployed and hung from there cords above. Before I could make out the inevitable I heard the captain's voice come across the intercom. "Everyone please stay seated and try to remain calm, we are being faced with some bad weather." He went on to explain that everything was going to be OK, and all the movement was normal.

I was finally on my way back to Ian and then this had to invade my luck, not like I was surprised. I clenched the arm of my seat tightly as the plane bumped and tumbled around vigorously. Out the window I could see the lightning striking down below, and the rain was so heavy it veiled the sky. Thunder belted out following the lightning. I could heed the prayers from those around me, while other were crying uncontrollable. It was like slow motion, in the middle of everything happening I was calm. Why? Why was I so pastoral when everyone else feared for their life.

It was then that I saw her , standing in the isle ahead like an angel. A little girl no older then 6 staring straight at me. She had no qualm in her demeanor, and she was smiling. Why the fuck was she smiling at at time like this. She advanced toward my seat and stopped right beside me. She leaned in to whisper in my ear, " Then plane is going to crash and were all going to die." Before I could even dispute her comment a jolt send me flying into the window and I blacked out.  

When I came to all I could hear was sirens blaring all around me. I could smell and see heavy clouds of smoke. I tries to sit up but my body wouldn't budge. I tried to call out, but my throat couldn't produce the words. I had thought about the little girl at that moment, had we crashed? How could I possible survive something so insurmountable?

I closed my eyes and transcended back into the darkness.

Ring! Ring! Ring!  howled the hotel phone as I  gasped and leaped up to answer it. "Mrs Edevane this is the front desk with your courtesy call, your flight leaves in three hours," the woman's voice stated. I hung up the phone and caught my breath. It was just another horrible dream. I packed up my things and quickly dressed. I headed to the lobby to check out and then hailed a cab. I called Ian on the ride in to the airport. I made tell of my ghastly nightmare, as he tried to calm me.

I finally reached the airport and toddled to the nearest shop for some coffee. Then proceeded to my gate awaiting boarding call. I tried to busy my mind with other things, but it was pointless. I concluded I would take a volume once I was seated and sleep through the whole flight. The only thing I wanted to do was be back in Ian's arms again.

The End

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