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When I woke again I was safe and sound in my seat aboard flight 1301 homebound to Atlanta. I was a little shaken by all the odd dreams, if that's indeed what they were. I signaled for the flight attendant and she made her way where I was seated. "Yes miss, what can I get you?" she asked. Really I just wanted some reassurance to calm myself down. "Yes, I was wondering how long until touch down in Atlanta?" I requested. She tilted her head and gazed at me, "Atlanta? No ma'am your confused were in route to Ireland." OK if this is some kind of prank I am not amused, and I was stressed enough about the interview.

"Come again," I  snapped. The attendant just looked at me in bewilderment before responding. " Yes, Ireland we just departed from Atlanta , are you OK?" she asked with concern. " Can I help you with anything else?"  I shook my head no and she disappeared into the isle to assist other passenger's

Shortly after we landed  I exited the airport as I searched the crowded street for my limo. Finally landing my eyes on a man holding a sign that read Lily Edevane in large bold letters. As his eyes landed on mine I waived for him to help with my bags. Once all my luggage was loaded we headed for the hotel.

It felt like deja vu , so I shook it off and called Ian. "Hey babe, you made it, " his sweet voice chimed. As strange as this all was his voiced soothed me a little. I spent the limo ride to the hotel explaining to him all the bizarre events or dreams I had encountered. He suggested maybe it was just stress about the interview and being in a place I didn't know. I agreed with him and hung up the phone. Once I arrived at the hotel the driver loaded my bags onto a cart, and left me with the bell hop.

As we entered the lobby I looked around. Just like in my dream, the hotel was beautiful with its cathedral ceiling, and antique pillars that held up the structure. I didn't like this feel, it made me paranoid and uneasy. I headed up to my room and decided to take a nice hot bubble bath.

I felt much more relaxed  as I pulled back the covers and climbed into the silk sheets. I reached for my cell so I could tell Ian good night. We spoke for a few minutes before I drifted off to sleep.

Beep! beep! beep! my alarm screamed as I cantered to the table to retrieve it. I stretched and let out a sizeable yawn. I gathered my clothes that I had hung in the closet the night before. I rang Ian before I headed down to the lobby for breakfast. He was already at work, buried in an important case. To avoid more deja vu I didn't bother with the gift shop, I would find him something later else where.

Instead I headed back up to my room to make sure I had everything in order. Once I was satisfied I headed to the conference room where the interview was being held.

Once outside the tall brass door I took a deep breath and reached for the handle. I was almost afraid to walk through, afraid I would see the thin man behind a large oak table accompanied by two other men on each side of him. I let out a sigh of relief as I was met by a petite middle aged woman with red hair. Then she spoke, " Lily Edevane I presume? I was feeling good about this interview despite the last twenty four hours." Yes, " I quickly responded as I extended my hand. " Nice, to meet you." she griped my hand and motion for me to have a seat.

After the interview concluded I traveled back to my room for a change of clothes. Transforming into jeans, sneakers and a blue sweater I returned to the lobby. I  approached the front desk asking for recommendations for lunch and shopping. I jotted then down and departed the hotel to hail a cab. It was a gorgeous day as the warm sun beamed across my eyes.

Not long after a cab pulled up to the curb and I hopped in giving the driver my destination. I dialed Ian as I traveled to my stop. He was already home, as there is a four hour time difference between us. It was rounding 5pm at home as it was only 1pm here. I told him I thought the interview went well and that I missed him dearly.

I enjoyed lunch at the little cafe the hotel clerk referred me to and  spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping. I ended up purchasing a 14 karat gold key chain for Ian before landing back at the hotel. I was due out in the morning to head back to my comfort zone, sweet home Atlanta. I decided not to leave the hotel for anything else, I ordered room service for dinner and spent most of my night on the phone with Ian.

I was daunted to go to sleep, anxious I may wake up in a strange place once more.

The End

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