I inhaled the fresh air as I exited the airport as I searched the crowded street for my limo. Finally landing my eyes on a man holding a sign that read Lily Edevane in large bold letters. As his eyes landed on mine I waived for him to help with my bags. Once all my luggage was loaded we headed for the hotel.

I anxiously grabbed my phone from my purse and dialed Ian. "Hey babe, you made it, " his sweet voice chimed. I giggled, "Yes and I miss you already, three days without you is way to long."  I ensured he had the name of my hotel and promised I would call him back as soon as I settled in. There was a four hour difference between here and home. It was an hour to the hotel, it would be 3am at home by then. Ian insisted I call anyway.

I settled in and called as promised before retiring myself, my interview was at 8am and I was still a little nervous. I tossed and turned an hour or more before sleep finally took me in.

Then sun woke me before my alarm, and I slated for the shower. As the warm water beaded off of me, I thought of Ian. His curly blonde hair falling around his tan face. The way he smiled when he looked at me, and his baby blue eyes. I still remember the first day I met him,  it was freshmen year and as usual I was a nervous wreck. Specially considering I had just moved to Atlanta over the summer, and I barely knew anyone.

It was at that moment our eyes met I knew, I had to know him. My stomach fluttered with butterflies as he approached me in the hall. " Your new here, " he beamed My heart was pounding so fast I could barely speak. Finally I managed to muster the words up, "Yes I just moved here from Kentucky. The bell for first period rang, and pulled me back to reality."I'm Ian," he called as he headed the other direction. Every day since that moment we have been inseparable.

After showering I quickly dressed and headed down to the lobby for some breakfast. The hotel was beautiful with its cathedral ceiling, and antique pillars that held up the structure. I called Ian to wish him a good morning, though it was already 11am there. Luckily my interview was in a conference room at the hotel, so I didn't have to do much travel during my stay.

I finished up my coffee and strolled to the gift shop, hoping to find something nice for Ian. We were planning on having kids someday. Being only 23, we figured we had a good five years left to plan it all out. By then our careers would be intact and secure. Ian was a lawyer at a prominent firm in Atlanta. Education had always been important to us, and we strived to support each other along the way.

I rummaged through the shelves until my eyes fell on a silly pair of shot glasses. Ian collects them, every time we go on vacation he adds a new one to his collection. I purchased them and returned to my room. It was almost time , so I collected all the necessary items and glanced in the mirror quickly. I smiled at myself and then exited the suite. My stomach started to knot up as I headed toward the conference room.

Once outside the tall brass door I took a deep breath and reached for the handle. "Hello Lily Edevane I presume?" a thin man called from behind a large oak table. He was accompanied by two other men on each side of him. :"Yes, " I quickly responded as I extended my hand. " Nice, to meet you." He griped my hand and motion for me to have a seat.

It felt like hours of question before he finally stood up and shook my hand. I wouldn't find out the results until next week. I took a deep breath and thanked them for their time as I left the room. I had a few extra days to do a little sight seeing. Though without Ian by my time it seemed less adventurous.

The next few days went by faster then I thought and I was already boarding the flight home. I couldn't wait to wrap my arms around Ian again. I had missed him so much. He was all I had after my parents had passed in a fatal car accident. I was an only child and had no siblings growing up. Ian has always been there for me and I can't imagine life without him. We are soul mates if you believe in that short of thing. Have you ever loved someone so much that it consumes you with fear? The very thought of their absence sends you into a frenzy? Well that was the kind of love Ian an I have. An unbreakable one, even in death our love would prevail. A feeling so magnetic that nothing could paralyze it.

The humming of the engines were strangely soothing and helped me relax. With Ian on my mind sleep cloaked my eyes and I sailed of into slumber.  Knowing that once they opened again it wouldn't be long before I was in him embrace again.

The End

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