Lily had no idea her life would end like this, with such heartache and silence. In her mind she knew that day she should have never boarded that flight. As her memory lives on , so does her desire to be alive again. Trapped inside a world she never knew existed, she will do just about anything to escape.

Honey, your taxi is here," Ian called from down stairs. Lily scurried to collect all her bags and headed down the stairs. Ian smiled as she appeared in the stairway. "Today is the day Mrs. Edevane," he teased as she descended the steps., " The day you change the world."  She slapped him playfully on the shoulder as she passed. "It's just a job interview," she called over her shoulder as she entered the kitchen for her purse.

Ian helped her to the taxi and gave her one last tight hug before she climbed in the big yellow cab. Lily admired Ian as the cab pulled off, not knowing it would be the last time he ever saw her again. She glanced down at the diamond ring her finger displayed and smiled. Her and Ian had married just three short months earlier. It was no surprise, as they were high school sweet hearts.

Lily was a chemist hoping to land a new job at the highest ranked corporation in the world, which was located in Ireland. It was going to be a long flight from Atlanta. Which gave her plenty of time to think and calm her nerves. Though the excitement was overwhelming, lily couldn't help but feel something eerie that day. She shook it off assuming it was her nerves as she boarded flight 1301 to Ireland. She always hated to fly , the concept of a heavy metal vessel suspended in the sky always baffled her.

Once she was seated she reached in her purse for a sleeping aid, and slowly dosed off as the flight ascended into the night sky. She peered at her reflection in the window as her eyes snapped shut.

When she woke up a few hours later it was quiet, as most of the other passengers were fast asleep. She flagged down the flight attendant for a beverage and asked how much longer until arrival. "six more hours ma'am," the attendant whispered as she handed lily her drink.

The End

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