An elven woman on a journey, ever looking, ever searching. Battling on through external and internal conflict. What is she expecting to find and will anything make her give up?

A howl spread across the earth. Its dismaying sound cut like a sword though flesh, unleashing horrors such as never seen before. Every ear it touched cringed in fear and anguish. Its malicious intent suffocating all in its path.

Her heart beat slowly in her chest.
A steady throbbing, an ache.
Her breathing was unsteady.
Her eyes darted over the shadows.
Fighting her internal battle.
She listened to the wind paying attention to the every whisper though the foot hills of the great mountain range. The repetitive lament of the motherland laid her fears at bay. The night sky was perfect. Every star was sharp, glowing with a unique beauty. It would be so easy to look up and lose yourself in the blackness, she thought briefly. She inhaled shakily; the breeze of a thousand worlds tugged her hair gently. An Iowa wind. People from the east would feel the wind and gather soon, the danger would increase. But again the echoing call of a soul, left in eternal conflict, from the mountains reminded her she had not reached safety yet.
With the moon as her torch she set off again, running, swift as a bird of the night. Sleek as a cat of the great lord. The ground flew beneath her feet the dips and bumps of the untended earthen path as insignificant as the secretive creatures tearing from her wake. The wind grew along side her fear. Her heart beat quickened. Her breaths shortened. Her stride constant. She fled to the woods and the sanctuary they offered.
Ducking and weaving between the branches she dived into a hollow twixt two large oaks; water flicked off the leaf tips spraying her with a million drops of water creating a mirror image of the sky. Collapsing with fatigue, she allowed herself a brief rest. Her eyes grew heavy - days of travel caught up with her. And as the sudden silence soothed her nerves she slipped into a deep, restless sleep.

The sharp dappled sunlight flickered over face startling her. Her eyelids fluttered as she came to. The serene trickling of a nearby stream awoke a new thirst within her. She rose stiffly leaning heavily upon the strongest of the intertwining branches. Pulling a section of the natural wall apart the tell tale glint of water caught her attention. She stepped lightly towards it, brushing the damp morning dew off her dark encircling cloak as she went.
The sun was uncharacteristically high in the early sky. Its sharp rays lighting up the chase scene of the night before. The destruction was devastating. the realization suddenly struck her of how lucky she had been to even survive but to be unscathed as well would be nigh impossible to do again. The need for caution was greater than ever now. The forest would provide food and shelter for a week of travel she guessed. But already hunger was gnawing at her insides. She turned and padded back to her little clearing, reluctant to stir the forests inhabitants, the murky light her little glade comforted her greatly. She searched with her eyes all the while for some sort of foreign fruit lurking amongst the boughs of the surrounding trees. After a momentary pause she rose once more, intent on finding herself a breakfast however sparse. It didn't take long in the dense woodland - soon enough she found a healthy Minneola tree. Clambering up into the heart of the tree she grasped the nearest fruit. She bit into its juicy depths relishing in the refreshing essence of life bursting from the core of the precious plant. The fruits of its life long labour.

She stretched leisurely in her make shift bed. The rest had done her good. She could feel the life in her once more, and now she wanted to travel. The little hollow, however had become her home for the past few days, and she was reluctant to leave it to its fate. The oaks held much wisdom and gave her a safe sanctuary but duty called and she must follow.
It was the dead of night once more, she fastened her pack on her frail shoulders; drawing her sword she ran its edge along the trunk of a nearby sycamore. Exhilaration flowed through her veins yet again as the long graceful blade cut through the bark with ease at even the lightest touch. The ancient carvings, still aglow from the danger not long past, cast enough light to illuminate her path. The jewel incrusted hilt fitted safely into the palm of her hand, and with it came a deep sense of calm - reaching into the very corners of her soul. This was her sword, her trusty companion through everything, her Parca.
The light emanating from the silver runes created a fairy tale like scene before her eyes. The light bouncing off the leaves, disappearing through others, shadows rearing up like the monsters of children’s’ nightmares before shrinking back down like a little grey mouse. She lost herself in the imagery displayed all around her. Letting her feet carry her through the entrancing forest track.


The dancing leaves cast fickle shadows across her path as the forest opened up before her. Lying down in front of her was a pituresque view of rolling hills bathing gently in the early morning glow the sun gave off as she woke up. Mist rose up serenly from the grass giving the scene beneath her a soft appearance, and a few birds soared overhead singing in jubilation about the dawn of a new day. Even as she stood there, a single, proud silhoet, a lone butterfly rose up and fluttered past her, the blue and purple hues of it's wings a striking contrast to the dull greens behind. Her eyes followed the vunerable thing till it flapped gracefully out of sight, a slight smile tugging at the corners of her lips. The shadows were back, the only visible sign of the hardships she had suffered. A movement on the horizen caught her attention and her head snapped round, her body tensed, waiting. The gentle wind tugged at her clothes and pulled a few strands of hair free from their leather tie yet again, she let them pass across her face till they dropped casully as the wind died once more. The hills were still again, and she relaxed. Her hand wandered to the hilt of her sword, unconsciously, as she descended swiftly into the damp valley and resumed her journey once more.

The ground was still damp from the nights dew, but she didn't so much as slip on the grassy dunes. A gurgling echoed up from the earth, the sound of water esacping the rays of mid-morning light, the sound seemed to bounce off the sky and reveberate back along into the rivers the water carved for itself. Birds continued to sweep elagantly overhead untill the sun reached its peak and they settled somewhere far away from prying eyes.

A flat clearing entered her view shortly after her singing audience had vanished, ancient trees with massive trunks reviled themselves with the clearing.The sun swept her ever watchful eye over the little grove and covered it with a lutsre so inviting she was swerved from her course. Here a soft moss carpeted the damp earth where the boughs shielded it from the day, this was where she crumpled with relief and relunctuntly fell into the nightmareish slumber which awaited her. It called her into its hellish depths to torment her in a place which offered no shelter or respite.


A crash like thunder clap awoke her with a start.

The End

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