I walked down the hall with Yukiko by my side. I took a few steps down the stairs then sat down. Yukiko jumped up onto my lap and looked up at me. I looked into her eyes, and I swear that I saw concern in her eyes.

"What's wrong Yukiko? Is there something wrong?" I asked getting a little concerned my self.

"Meow." She mewed softly with a nod of her head.

"Then what's wrong?" Before she could meow on reply, there was a knock on the door. "Is it time already? Is he here to pick me up already? Do I look okay, Yukiko? I don't have time to check!" I said in a rush as I ran down the stairs. I opened the door expecting to see Akihiro, but even after swinging the door wide open, I couldn't see anyone standing in the light of the front porch light.

Yukiko was in front of me nudging my leg as if trying to get me to go back inside, but I ignored her and walked out onto the porch. Why do I always act mindless when I am around Akihiro? I thought trying to see if Akihiro was hiding from me, trying to be funny. "Akihiro, you got me! You can come out now!" I shouted.

Suddenly everything was black. At first I thought that I had fainted for some reason, but then I moved my head and felt something rough rub against my cheek.Someone pushed me forward, and I stumbled forward. Oh my gosh, that phone call really was from someone who was trying to hurt me.

I heard Yukiko hiss, and then heard a small body hit the side of my house and slump down to the ground. "Yukiko! I'll do what ever you want, just don't hurt Yukiko!" I shouted to my kidnapper."A little too late to tell me that, Missy. Now walk!" My kidnapper groweled at me.

I don't remember seeing any car before I got this bag over my head, but my kidnapper shoved me into a car (not bothering to buckle me in), got in the drivers seat, and drove away. When we finally stopped (it felt like about an hour of driving), he yanked me out of the car, and into a building. We traveled through a bunch of halls, and then he opened a door into a room. He then sat me down in a chair, tied up my hands and feet to the chair, and took off the bag on my head.

I looked around the room that I was in, and I saw nothing but concrete all around me, except for the door in front of me.

The End

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