With the party on our minds

Two weeks later, it was the day of the school party. Akihiro and I have been meeting each other in our dreams since the day he asked me out on a date to the party. We were supposed to be finding where the AI to Jephcoli is, but we kept getting distracted and getting off subject.

After school, I met up with Akihiro and we started walking towards my house. It was a little chilly, and all I had was a light jacket to cover me up. Akihiro noticed that all I had was a light jacket right away, and offered his coat to me.

"I couldn't take your coat, then you would freeze." I said refusing to let him do anything nice for me.

"I wont mind, I've had to survive in the Himalayans with only a t-shirt and shorts. This weather is no Himalaya."

"I still wont take your coat."

"Fine, if you wont take it, then," Akihiro suddenly fell behind. Before I could react his coat was around me. "I'll just have to force it on you."

"No fair!" I shouted struggling to get free of his grasp. I looked up and saw that we were at my house. "Well, you acted too late Akihiro, because we are at my house already."

In disbelief he let go and looked over at my house. "So we are. . . well, its the thought that counts, right?"

I laughed as I took of his coat. It was really warm, and I was reluctant to take it off. "I guess your right, Akihiro. Well, see you tonight." I said as I walked into my house shutting the door beind me. There was still a smile spread wide on my face.

I tried to do my home work, but I couldn't focus so I went up to my room to get ready for tonights party, and my date with Akihiro.

The End

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