The Turn Around

A few months had passed since I first saw that Akihiro was doing research on how to protect me. Snow has already fallen onto the ground, and Christmas has passed. Akihiro had found out that I took his notebook, and I have already given him the notebook back.

Akihiro had gotten into the special class, and attended every Wednesday and Friday, which in when the class is held. He never spoke about the special class, and when I asked if I could at least walk with him to his class, he said that if he was followed by anyone, he could be kicked out of the class.

"Well, if I cant follow you as a non-student, maybe I can get an interview to see if they will accept me too." I suggested to Akihiro as we sat in our seats in the last class of the regular school day. If I didn't ask now, I would have to wait until after his special class, because the class starts soon after the bell rings for us to get out.

"No, you can't do that. They only accept interviews in the month of September." He said in a sorry tone.

"But couldn't you convince them to interview me? You're a top student in their class after all!"

"It wont matter, it's a boys only organization."

"Well shouldn't you have said that from the beginning?"

"Your right, I should have said that from the beginning, sorry."

"There is no need to apologize."

"So. . . you going to the new years eve school party?"

"I don't know, I dont ever do anything at the parties any way."

"Well what if I said this?"

"Said what?"

"Will you go to the party with me, like as my date?"

I blushed a deep red, and my face felt so warm. I looked to see if the teacher was still lecturing, and saw that he was sitting down, looking at a paper on his desk. I jumped up and hugged him tightly. I just stayed there hugging him for a long time.

"Ofcourse I will. Why did it take you so long to ask?" I asked him jokingly.

"Because I wasn't sure when the right moment would be. I still don't know if this is the right moment, but I couldnt wait any longer." Akihiro said in reply shyly.

I squeezed him tighter and I heard him wince under the pressure. "Any moment is the right moment, Akihiro."

The End

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