Truth is Revealed

I opened my eyes slowly. Akihiro wasn't at the table, and I couldn't see him around anywhere. He must have been looking for another book to read. I looked at the book that Akihiro was reading, and noticed that he had jotted down some notes on a notebook.

I looked over at the clock, and saw that we had five minutes left. Had it really been four hours in the dream world? It hadn't seemed like it, but dreams rarely seem as long as they are. They don't seem as short as in real life, but they also don't seem as long as in the dream, it is somewhere in the middle.

Akihiro came back to the table and sat back down. As soon as he opened the book he had just found, the bell rang to release us to our next class.

"I. . . I just remembered that I am going to be checked out right now, so, I'll see you tomorrow, Akari!" Akihiro said quickly, as he gathered his stuff, then left.

I smiled, after he left. He hadn't noticed that his notes were missing. 

Akihiro and I had the next class together, but when I walked into the classroom, I didn't see him any where. I thought about taking out Akihiro's notebook, but for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to look at it.

Towards the end of the class, Akihiro came in silently, when the teacher wasn't looking, and took his seat (for some odd reason, all the classes we have together (which is most), we sit next to each other).

"So you finally decided to come back?" I whispered joking around with him.

"My appointment ran a little late." He explained in a hushed voice.

"What was the appointment for?" I asked.

"I was being interviewed to see if I could get into a special class that only chosen few get to attend." He announced proudly.

"Don't act so cool just yet, no one said you were accepted to the class yet." I said as he shrunk from embarrassment.

^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^*^~^* ^~^*^~^

Later in the day, as I sat alone at home, I finally decided to look at the notes that Akihiro had taken when we were doing research at the library.

The notebook was a black leather-bound, crafted by hand. I slowly opened the note book, my heart racing. I knew that when Akihiro found out he would be furious, and just the thought of that got my adrenalin rushing. I couldn't stand the wait any longer, and quickly opened the notebook the rest of the way.

I looked at the heading for the first segment of his notes. I was shocked by what it said. It read: How to Protect Fearless.

The End

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