The Prophecy

"I'll see you later," I said to Akihiro as I opened the door of my house. He refused to let a "young woman" like myself to walk by her self, so he walked me home every day. It had been a few days since he had first talked to me, and we have been talking to each other every day since.

"Yeah, see ya," was Akihiro's response. He smiled then turned around, and slowly left down the side walk. I watched him walk until he turned the corner and was out of my sight. It took a while, because he kept on turning around stopping where he was and turning around.

When he was finally out of my sight, I walked inside and shut the wood door. I stood there leaning against the door thinking about the time I had spent with Akihiro today. Weirdly enough, Akihiro and I had almost every class together. Two days after we started talking, Akihiro suggested that we study together at the library, and we haven't missed a single study session yet.

While at the library I looked up the definition of Akihiro's name, and found out that his name means "light prince". This caught my attention, because my name Akari means "light".

I got out of my day dream, and went into the kitchen/dining room to read a book I had checked out from the library. It was entitled "The War Between Light and Darkness". 

I put my backpack down on the table and opened the zipper. I pulled out "The War Between Light and Darkness", and opened it up.

The book was published as a Fictional book, but it had the same format as a Non-fictional/Historical book. It talked about a world unseen by humans, the world was called Jephcoli. In this world there was a boy named Zurich. He had the powers to control the darkness, and using his powers, he rose up against the government, and in only a few days he took over the world. Soon after Zurich took over, a girl named Shrali fought back. It was a failed attempt, and as Zurich slashed his sword of shadows down to strike the final blow, Shrali said these final words:

"It may look like the Dark Master has taken rule forever. Standing here before death, I see that the day has just begun. There will be one that goes by 'The Prince of Light', who will rise up against the Dark Master. This mocking bird will be hunted by many, and thousands will die, but the Mocking Bird will not be found. When all seems lost, the Mocking Bird will transform into a powerful and fearsome creature, if and only if he is with his partner who goes by the name of 'Fearless Aura'.

"Fearless Aura thinks herself less than she really is. She will have many trials, but if she does not face them she , and The Prince of Light will fail. In the end, Fearless Aura will have to make a big sacrifice, the biggest sacrifice she, or anyone else, will make in order to save the Jephcolites."

I closed the book, too stunned to read on. I had only read three pages, and the book had a lot more pages left, hundreds, but I couldn't read on. No matter how hard I tried my thoughts kept wondering towards The Prophecy.

The Prince of Light I thought, I wonder if Akari has anything to do him, and who is the Fearless Aura?

The End

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