Snow, No School!Mature

Thursday 4th January,

No School! Hooray a day off just because a load of teachers can't be bothered to remove snow from their crappy cheap arse cars and the council can't be bothered to hire staff to spray salt on the roads, wow Tescos buisness must be up durring the Christmas and Winter season as more and more people are eating and drinking due to the terrrible weather. Mum was slightly better this morning however she was still having really bad stomach aches, the doctor is coming around next week, which my Mum said was rediculous because by the time next week comes, the illness or virus will have vanished. Sapphire was still at home sleeping in the sofa after collecting new boyfriend Charlie last night, he was sweet and kind, however slightly childish in ways and he always demanded cups of teas and biscuits, however my sister being a total dog obeys orders and gets on with it, she calls it her way to keep her boyfriends, by making them happy, apparently.

The snow was rediculous major jams in the roads and motorways, planes not allowed to fly due to weather conditions and all this because of a natural disaster or as us kids call it our favorite weather for skipping school without our parents writing us a sick note the next day.

After several attempts at making snowmen, snow angels and igloos, Sapphire took me to our local resturant named Scarletts and Matthews, which is a rather exclusive and posh resturant in the middle of town, it had just been opened due to a refurbishment from owners John and Joyce.

After about five glasses of coke, a double cheese burger with bacon and chocolate brownies we were back at home making more terrible snowmen, snow angels and igloos, why not have fun, we both were still so young.

Love Always

Flick xx (Felicity Andrews)

The End

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