At Home All Day!Mature

Wednesday 3rd January,

Taking the day off wasn't my idea, Mum wasn't very well and my Step-Dad couldn't be bothered to give me a lift into School. Sapphire also came round for a suprised visit, she looked lovely wearing a denim dress with brown roman like sandals, of course her fashion sense always caught my eye, she was so perfect, her hair was blonde and curly, her dress size was a skinny 10, her eyes were a deep blue coloe and her skin color was naturally tanned.

Love Always

Flick xx

(Felicity Andrews)

"What have you been doing?" Sapphire asked, "Not a lot, just school and meeting some friends over the Christmas period, what about you?" Felicity asked, "I have a new boyfriend, his named Charlie, I met him at a club in Burnham, I went with Tanya and all that lot one weekend and he was there, starring at me like I was a Hollywood A Lister, my application is still being processed for the university however I have a job at Starbucks the pay is well good, you should come and live with me we'll have so much fun and so many parties to go to, especially Charlie, for some reason everyone knows him so I'm going to a party at least every other day" Sapphire announced, "That's wonderful Saph but what about Levi, I thought he was the man of your dreams?" Felicity asked, "Look Levi was like twenty years older plus he only wanted me for one thing" Sapphire giggled.

The End

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