First Day BackMature

Tuesday 2nd January, School!

1st Lesson: English

2nd Lesson: Mathematics

3rd Lesson: Spanish

4th Lesson: French

5th Lesson: German

6th Lesson: Geography

How I enjoyed English classes with Rachel and Maria, we loved showing off our talent of reading Shakespeare to the whole class, Romeo and Juliet was the perfect love story, shame that they both had to die though. Mathematics, wasn't my cup of tea learning Alegebra?!, Alegebra shouldn't even be in Mathematics, since when did using letters of the alphabet and numbers together work out an answer. Spanish was a much better subject to be getting on with, especially as Miss Rover (my Spanish teacher) brought in all her relatives and pupils from Spain to gives us speeches and information when we had to hand in assignment work. French, what a language! It was beautiful! Plus the language wasn't hard to learn and the yearly trips to the Eiffel Tower were a bonus. German, not a language I could work with however it was going to give me more GCSE's then why not learn the language. Geography, fantastic lesson!, Mr Cole knew exactly what we wanted to know and learn, he was a laid back  type of teacher, however he was strict when it came down to assignments due in.

The End

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