Flick, Click and the Road TripMature

Felicity is only fifteen when she decides that living with her Mum and Step-Dad isn't working out. She decides to take a Road Trip away with sister Sapphire who is on her Gap Year. Throughout their travels they encounter problems with each other and secrets are reviled.

Monday 1st January,

Why an earth was I still living in this dump, my whole life was ahead of me yet I was spending every living day at home watching my Mum and Step-Dad making out in the front room, lucky for Sapphire, she got to live in student accomodation whist her university application was being processed. I however was much hating the idea of living here in my twenties and thirties watching them two snogging each others faces off plus Nathan (Mum's husband and my Step-Dad) was thinking about another kid between them which would mean I would have to move out, god why doesnt anything go my way.

Love always

Flick xx

(Felicity Andrews)

The End

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