It was a cozy village. Nothing special. Surrounded by a clear stream and covered behind green leaves Flausch was the home of a handful peaceful people. The tiny town wasn’t even mentioned on the kingdom’s map. Good for them, so they didn’t have to pay taxes, which were raised tremendously during the long war. Even the war didn’t notice Flausch, which wasn’t famous for its soldiers or blacksmith. The village was a kingdom of softness and fluffiness. On sunny days the white clouds in the sky envy Flausch, because they appear hard and rough compared to the town’s appearance. Because during the busy days, yes sometimes even a hillbilly is in a hurry, an ocean of shag overwhelms the muddy streets between the round houses. No edges permitted in Flausch due to the fact that their valuable sheep could hurt themselves. That’s the secret of the little town, their sheep. It’s their only chance to make money and the people in Flausch never had another profession. The first settlers built this town for just one purpose: heaven for sheep. From generation to generation the traditions travelled along and except of a baker and a blacksmith everybody has been breeding the fluffy animals. And Flausch’s sheep are the cutest of the kingdom. They would win every beauty competition but unfortunately the people have a core as soft as their wool, so they’re too shy for leaving their town challenging all the ugly sheep in this world. And believe me there are a lot.      

The End

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