This is about a man eater made up of severed limbs and head that goes on the rampage looking for people to eat.
The limbs, head and chest all have a life of their own.
Imagine being eaten alive by a human head, minus the rest of the body.
Even a pair of legs can turn into a man eater.
Loads of people have been eaten alive by a pair of legs with a life of their own, that is, they don't belong to any person's body, just themselves.
They just operate on their own and eat people.

One night one of the flats  in Bighead House went off it's rocker and let out a deafening scream.
I tried to escape from the screaming flat but was trapped.

All of a sudden Jim Nasium smashed open the window of my flat whilst it was screaming and broke me up. He then scattered the pieces of my body all over the place and jumped out of the window.

Even though I lay dismembered I could still let out a yell, but couldn't press the red button because my body lay scattered in pieces all over the place.

Jim Nasium, the man who broke me up into little pieces was still on the rampage and returned to pick up the scattered remains of my body and throw them out of the window.

The dismembered parts of my body suddenly came to life and surrounded Jim Nasium, attacking him all over. They then bit chunks out of him even though the body was broken up into little pieces.

Jim Nasium got eaten alive by the dismembered body which had been broken up into little pieces.

The arms, legs, head, neck and chest all devoured Jim Nasium.
The human remains then set about attacking my flat, eating it alive in seconds, even whilst it was screaming.

The scattered remains of my body flew down Goodmayes Lane eating up loads of people.

All hell broke loose, with my severed body parts flying all over the place.

People tried to run for cover to escape the dismembered remains of my body -the arms, legs, head,neck and chest that were flying all over Goodmayes Lane, gobbling up loads of people, all eaten alive by the human body parts that were flying all over the place, but couldn't.
They were eaten alive by a load of arms,legs, chest and head just as they tried to run for cover.

Even the road wasn't safe for the severed human remains of my body started to rip the road up biting huge chunks out of it.

Meanwhile residents in Bighead House lived in fear that the man - eating human body parts could suddenly burst into their flat and eat them up, and in the end it did happen for, 'all of a sudden a human head and a couple of arms flew along the corridor and broke open a flat. They approached a resident whilst he was fast asleep and ate him alive.

A few residents had to press the red button to summon help as the man eater made up of a severed human head and severed arms rampaged through the block looking for people to eat.

The police and the emergency services, together with armed guards burst into Bighead House but were overpowered by the severed arms and head, which ate them alive in seconds.

In a matter of a few hours everybody in Bighead House got eaten alive by human remains that flew through the building - arms, legs, head, chest and neck, all with a life of their own.

The End

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