"My shoulders..." She moaned, setting her bag on the ground and leaned against one of the brick columns that lined the cafeteria. She rolled her shoulders, trying to loosen them to the best of her ability and failing miserably.

He snuck up behind her, placing his hands delicately upon her shoulders, beginning to rub them with the lightest of pressure. "Good morning, sweetheart."

"Morning. God, that feels good." She sighed and relaxed her shoulders into his hands as he rubbed them carefully with a little more pressure.

"That's the point, Firefly. I don't like it when you're this tense. Especially not at the beginning of the day. What's wrong?"

"I didn't sleep well. It's the stupid show. It's making me so tired and then I can't sleep and it's just plain killing me."

"My poor baby. It'll be over soon."

"I don't want it to be over, per se... I just want more sleep.

"You're so contradictive."

"I know. It's what I'm best at."

"I may have noticed that. It's sort of sexy."

She leaned her head back and kissed the underside of his jaw. "Aww, fanks, hon."

"No problem, beautiful." He stopped rubbing her shoulders and instead squeezed tightly around her middle, pressing his lips to where her neck met her shoulder.

The End

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