An Awkwardly Beautiful Goodbye

They both awkwardly stared down at their steaming mugs, their hands clasped tightly around the warm ceramic. They sat across from each other, her legs curled up neatly beneath her, not even allowing an accidental brush of skin between them.

"You said you wanted to talk to me?" She prompted him after she felt like the tense silence had gone on for far long enough. She didn't really want to bring on the end any quicker than necessary, but there was no use in drawing it out, either. Not when they both already knew what was coming. She took a sip of her scalding, steaming hot tea and averted her gaze from his face.

"You never talk to me anymore."

"Sometimes it's nice to let someone else start a conversation once in a while. I don't like always having to be the one who reaches out. You haven't been talking much lately, either. Not to me, at least."

"Don't be that way. You know I didn't just want a physical relationship."

"That's a two-way street, you know. I don't want a relationship that's only physical either. But I don't talk at walls that are only responsive when I kiss them or scream at them."

"Blame it on me. Hate me. Whatever. I don't even care anymore. It's all my fault, it always is." He got up and pushed his chair back under the table, beginning to turn to walk away.

She set her mug on the table and stood up, too. "I'm not blaming you for anything. If anyone's blaming, we both deserve an equal share of it. But you're the one accusing me of wanting a purely physical relationship when I don't. I'm not a whore. You know that."

"I don't know what I know. I just don't feel the same way about you anymore."

"Ahh, now we get to the truth. You don't love me anymore, do you, David?" She put her hands on her hips as if she were angry, though she wasn't. What use was being angry at the truth? At that point, she was just tired. Tired of the stress. Tired of his games. Tired of the facade and the show they put on for everybody every day and the smile that seemed like it was glued to her face.

"No, Rayna..." He took a step towards her and brushed some of her hair out of her eyes. "You're my first love. I'll always love you, without a doubt. But lately, it just seems..."

"Like it isn't worth the constant fighting anymore?" She finished for him, and he nodded in agreement.

"The only time we talk and it isn't completely asinine is when we fight, it seems."

She pushed her lips into a smile - sorrowful, but still genuine - and cupped his hand that still lingered on her face in her own fingers. "It wasn't always like that, sweetheart. All good things must come to an end and I believe this is ours. We had a good long run, though, in my opinion. But we both know that this is what we need now."

She stood on her tiptoes, moving one of her hands to his neck. She delicately pressed her lips to his forehead, then each of his closed eyelids, the tip of his nose, and, finally, his lips.

"Goodbye, David. Have a nice life. I love you."

The End

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