Flashes of Life

[Soon to be] a bunch of flash fiction pieces depicting the scenes that pop into my head. Most of which will be short and/or sweet. And, if you really want to or something inspires you, go ahead and join in :)

She stared out the window, pencil in hand, trying time and again to get back into her novel. She was at a point that should have been easy to write, a piece of cake to blow through in an hour and be done with to get to more exciting - and more difficult - scenes to write. But her protagonists eluded her and her antagonists laughed in her face. She just couldn't seem to write a word more without it coming out as dry or boring or dull.

No, new scenes and people she had never seen or imagined before plagued her mind. She tried to place her characters into the scenes instead, but they would have nothing of it, and the scene just wouldn't fit. Oh, the woes of writers' block... If that was even what she was dealing with.

I have a lot of troubles with writers' block. It might have something to do with the fact that I tend to have the attention span of a gnat (and I write novels for the most part. Of course. Makes perfect sense.) and get bored in about two seconds. Or it might be because my mind seems to have a plethora of rich, colorful ideas and I can never seem to write enough of them down to the extent I would like to.

I'm like a cat. I can't ignore the shiny pull of a laser beam or sparkly pendant, also known as pretty new people and excitingly fresh images.

Sometimes, though, just writing one little piece of flash helps. That way I can get the idea out of my head - but still save it for later - but it also makes it easier to get back to writing a long, grueling piece of work.

So that's what this will be - a cottage with a big yard for my imagination to run free. And your imagination is more than welcome to come join in, too.

("And no. They're not exercises. Each piece is a story, and could be developed into a longer story. So therefore it's a story," says the stubborn cat who likes shiny things.)

The End

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