Gregory is different. He is a human but he has special gifts, these gifts are not ordinary. Gregory is a Flash Wielder. He can control light and do many things with it. He must move away from his normal carefree life and save the world.

Gregory was running.  He could feel it getting closer.  He couldn't run any faster.  It was too close now.  He had to stop running.  He started to slow down.  It hit him.  He saw a flash of red light and everything was dark.

He woke up.  He was in a strange room surrounded by  strange objects, a large pile of potatoes, a few cumquats and a lamp. If only he could turn it om, he could get out of here he thought.  He realized however that he couldnt move.  He wasnt tied up or in any strange position, he was just sitting in a rather comfortable chair and couldn't move at all.  He could however move his head and from what he could tell, there were no doors or windows.

Then suddenly a loud voice came from nowhere. You cant escape!  it said and Gregory saw a bright flash of blue light.  he could move again.  He went and turned on the lamp. 

Immediatley he was filled with strength.  He held out his hands and absorbed the light into them.  He thought of his house and in a flash of light and a distant yell of NO!  from the voice, he fell onto a bed, and his mother said, "Greg! where have you been!"

The End

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