The End

A story told in reverse chronological order. Each chapter is a cause for the previous chapter, followed by an effect for subsequent chapters to 'cause'.

As the skyscraper crumbled in the distance, the sounds of gunshots drowned out the screams John was sure he could hear as he watched people dive in vain hope of survival from the burning building.

Carefully he hoisted the unconscious body of his daughter further up his back and once he was happy she was secured in the harness, he resumed his exodus from the city. People had seen it coming but nobody had expected it would happen so soon, the war to end all wars. It seemed like hours before he turned around again to look back at the burning husk that had been his home and he realised that he'd barely scratched the surface of his escape into the countryside.

Then he saw the light in the sky, the darkness against the orange-lit clouds, a plume of exhaust behind it. All the noise, the terror, everything seemed to fade into the background and an eerie silence came to the fore as the missile disappeared behind the silhouette of the tumbling skyscraper. For a moment it felt like time had stopped, like maybe it wouldn't happen. As if waiting for it, there was a heavy thud as his heart took it's next beat, followed by an almighty roar and John knew, in those final moments as a wall of flame and debris rushed towards him, that the end had come.

Mutually assured destruction.

The End

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