Payton-Somebody I used to knowMature

Payton moved quickly, her turns sharp and clean. She landed the turn, and fell to the ground, rolling into a chin stand. Payton waited for the lift, do every leap, turn and flip to the max. But this lift, it was what would make the dance.

And the lift was perfect. Elliot held her up, and she did her thing. When the dance was over. The crowd was crazy. Both Elliot and Payton’s mothers where yelling. Everybody seemed to love it.

But the person she craved the reaction off stood off to the side, his eyes meet hers. Max mouthed two words: Good Job.

Payton nodded in his area and followed Elliot off stage. As soon as the got off, he picked her up and spun her around.

“We did it. We won.” He smiled and put her down, but held her hand in his. Payton smiled an him.

“We don’t know that, yet. But I bet we will.”  She smiled at him again, and left the backstage area. She followed the hallway, looking for their teams dressing room.

She knocked carefully on the door, and was greeted by Bella, a little girl who she adored.

“Hey, Bella, can I come get ready?” Bella nodded and let her in. She hugged the small girl quickly, then looked around. Max was standing in his solo costume, a pair of white pants. She sighed, and grabbed her other costume.

She went into the changing tent, and slipped off her gray dress. Her costume was simple. A plain pink sports bra and a pink and white tutu skirt. She slipped both on easily.  When she left the room, the little children where gone, it was just her, Max and Elliot in the room.

She walked over to her stuff, and hung her dress back up. She sat down, and took her bun out. She felt both boys eyes on her as she combed it down.

She met Max’s eyes in the mirror. He looked down, then back up like a scared child. Payton sighed and turned on the stool to face them both.

“Elliot, out.” She commend. Max shot Elliot a look that could kill. But Elliot stayed on his perch by the costume racks.

“Why?” He questioned.

“I said too, now go.” He rolled his eyes and left the room.

“Talk.” Payton said.

“Why?” He said, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Max, listen, it’s not my fault. Ok? You get it? If we both become dancers, you know what the odds of us being in the same company are? Almost none! You will picked up at the first audition, cause you’re a boy! I have to fight for my spot, and when I do get my spot in a company, I will dance with a male.”

“I know, but Elliot is in love with you, Payton! He is trying to take you from me!” Max said, raising his voice a bit.

“”I’m not a thing to be taken!” I yelled back, just as the door opened.

Our teachers walked in, their faces grim.

“We need you two to do a duet. Any duet.” Mary said, looking at us. I was holding a can of hairspray, about to throw it at Max while his face was as red as his hair. 

“Why?” I asked.

“To get to nationals at the compation, you have to have a certain amount of points. Max won’t have it, and Pay, you just might make it. So, you have to do a duet.”  Jake said simply.

“We don’t have Country Girl-” Max started.

“Right. We know, so your improving it.” I gaped. Max and I never improved together at a compation. So much could wrong. So many things could happen.

“What’s the song?” Max asked before I could protest.

“Somebody I used to know. E feel it would work for you two at the moment. Max, get warmed up. Pay, high pony.” Mary said. We both got ready for something that could kill us.


I pressed my face against the cool wall. Waiting. Waiting for my name. Waiting for my fate. I felt sick. This was a huge mistake.

“Please welcome Payton Leaons and Max Everrt!”

The End

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