Payton- ChangesMature

“We are not doing another duo, are we?” I ask sharply, not caring to my hold my tong for Max’s sake. What else could the two of be doing in the studio, two nights till we leave for a huge companion.

“No. Not this week. We are having a little bit of fun-” Jake says with a sly smile.

“What?” Max asks quickly. “Are we doing chorography?”

“You are. You two will be competing in the same age group, since Payton’s birthday is in two weeks, and Max your in the Senior division are ready. You two, for the first time in years will be going head to head.” Mary said.

“WHAT?” We both yelled at the moment. Max and I, we have never competed in the age division in years. For solos. Mary and Jake tried to take turns competing us with solos.

“Are we both competing solos?” I asked.

“Yes.” Mary said.

“Which ones?” Max asked. Why does he know what I’m going to ask?

“New ones.” Jake said.

“Oh.” we said at the same time.

“Here’s the fun part, Jake and I are going to coach you two apart. You will have no clue what the other is doing, what alone what tricks they are doing. You will have equal chance of winning. Deal?”

I smiled. I was very comptive, and the fact that I was still pissed of at Max, and was yet to tell him that Elliot kissed me. And, I kinda liked it.

“Well, all I can say is, Max, your going down.” I said turning to look at him.

“Your on.” He said.

“Ok, Max come with me. Pay, stay with Jake.” Mary lead Max out of the studio, and shut the door loudly. It was on.

“What am I doing? Lyrical? Arco? We both know I’ll destroy him if I do one of those. Or Jazz-”

“Your doing jazz.” Jake said. Not a lot of people know this, but Jake is gay. So, in my option, he is better at given me privets for my solos.

“To?” I ask, with a grin.

“Candyman. The glee version.” He said with a smile. “And, in this song, you’re a pin up girl.”

I smiled. Pin up Girl. Something cute, and flirty. And something that will win. If I play my cards right.

“Oh good. Not something over used.” I said with a laugh.

Jake turned and walked to the end of the long room. He picked up a water bottle. I smiled. A prop. That always gave dancers bonus.

“Hers your prop. It’s going to be a bottle of Vodka.” I laughed. Vodka and I- we have had some pretty crazy times. In my dreams. “Your going to drop it when they talk about vodka. Deal?”

“Deal.” I said.

“Ok, so your going to start off stage. Your going to do a front flip at the first count. Then from there your going to land in your right spilt. Good girl-”

The dance was really fun and easy. But, I had to play it right. I had to do all of the faces to beat Max and if I didn’t, well, the dance would look dumb.

“Ok, we are done for tonight.” Jake said after I ran the dance eight times. “Go tell Elliot to get his as- I mean butt in here for your duet.” I raised a eyebrow.

“All most cuss Jake?” I said with a wink.


“Finally, I’m doing a duet. God, I thought I was never to get on.” Elliot said, standing next to me. A little too close for my liking. Or, should I say Maxs. But whatever he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

“Ok, listen. You have two days to master this. I swear if you don’t master this tonight, you won’t win. This dance is dark, and the music is what you’d here at a computation. But I don’t care. This will win. No doubt in my mind.” Jake said, a touch of sternness in his voice.

He was right, the dance was amazing. Till he called for the should lift, where I laid on Elliot’s shoulder with my legs in a posse.

“That’s mine and Max’s signature move.” I said, beating Elliot’s hands away before he could lift me.

“So?” Elliot asked, not caring.

“Jake?” I said.

“I don’t care. It is hot move. It goes with the song. Paralyzer is the type of song it would look really hot in.” Jake answered.

I sighed. Max was my best friend, even if he hurt me like he did. I still loved him. Not like a boyfriend. But I didn’t have the guts to tell him that. If he saw that move, he would die. I just know it.

“Fine.” I said. We finished learning the dance and where running it for the third or fourth time when all hell broke lose.

“Elliot, you grab he out of that turn, and do the lift good..” Jake said but was interrupted.

“Jake- My mom is coming to get Payton and I- What the hell? Elliot, put her down.” Max said, papering out nowhere. Elliot gave a jump, at the sound of Max’s voice. He dropped me roughly, making me land unsteadily.

Elliot put his arm around my waist to steady me, not knowing it would only fuel the fire. I looked down, not wanting to watch.

“Payton, look up.” Max said.

“No.” I answered.

“Payton look at me.” I said, hearing Maxs voice coming closer.

“And I said no.” I said again. Elliot’s hold my waist tighten.

“What-Payton, what’s your problem?”

“It’s just lift Max! You don’t need to get all pissed off. I wouldn’t act that way if what’s that tall slut’s name? Well, I wouldn’t get pissed if you lifted her. Why wouldn’t you?” I asked, not thinking of what I was saying.

“Who are you? Your dating him aren’t you? Elliot? Wasn’t that your plan all along? To break Pay and I apart? Well, it sure as hell worked.” Max said and turned on his heel.

The End

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