Payton-The girl and The guyMature

You know, for ten thirty in the morning the streets where really quite.Hmp, I wonder if there is anything going on..I asked myself, stepping into Starbucks.

“Oh, hi ya Payton.” I looked up from my Ipod, and saw Elliot ordering a drink in front of me.

“Hi, Elliot.” I said cheerfully. Elliot and I had grown to be close friends, not that max knew. He would die if I told him. It wasn’t like Elliot and I where dating, but Max gets the wrong thought a lot.

“What’s up?” He asked, ordering my drink. Damn he was good.

“Waiting for Max.” I answered, taking my frappuccino, never to early for ice coffee.

“Oh, want to sit till he get’s here?” He asked kindly.

“Sure.” I said, running my fingers over my Ipod screen, making my character inTemple Runrun. I followed him to a table, and sat across from him.

“Are you still playing that game? I should have never shown it to you.” I smiled.

“It’s so fun. I got in trouble in Algebra for playing it.” I said with a grin. “DAMN IT!” I yelled, before I could stop myself. The guy was dead.

I looked up and saw Elliot laughing. I closed the app and looked out the window.

“Payton, about the duet we are going to do, I had a song in mind.” Elliot said, calling me back to the table.

“Ok, shot.” I said.

“So you know the song Starsturk, well I had a idea.” I listened d and agreed. What he descried was a winning dance.

“I like.” I said, taking a drink. I want back to playing my game, beating my high score a couple times.

“Pay?” Elliot said.

“Hmm?” I mumbled.

“Look up.” He commend, his voice stern.

“If your trying to tell me you love me, I still think your gay.” I said.

“First off, I’m not gay, second, I do love you, not like that. Third look up. I’m not joking.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Look.” I looked up and saw Max. But he wasn’t alone, he was with some girl. A tall girl. But tall I mean like two of me.

This girl was linking arms with Max. I felt my face growing red. I bit my lip, a play I always did when I’m mad. What was Max doing, cheating on me? Today? God, he is a bitch.

“Payton, don’t get mad-” Elliot started.

“HOW THE HELL I’M I NOT SUSPOSE TO BE MAD?” I screamed, throwing my Ipod at him. He caught it.

“Payton, clam down. Do you want to leave?” He asked kindly.

“Yeah.” I said. I looked over my shoulder the girl was doing the flirty laugh.

“Come on, we’ll go out the side door.” He carried my Ipod and lead me out of the coffee shop.

We got in his car, leaving Max and the girl and drove out of town, toward Elliot’s house. He turned on the radio, a new Kesha song blared into the speakers. Sighing, I looked out of the windows.

“Are you ok?” He asked after a couple minutes and two songs.


“I know what you need.” He said with a smile.

“What’s that?” I asked. He just smiled and drove a little faster.

The End

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