Payton- A new FriendMature

Sitting in the warm sun with it’s rays beating on my back was comforting. But not enough. What had I done?

“Hey, Payton, Mary says you have to come in for your privet.” Said a clam voice. I looked up to find Elliot smiling at me. “You ok?”

“Yeah I guess. This privet is new to me.” I said with a smile. Elliot smiled back. I got up and grabbed my bag.

“Let me take that.” He said with a bigger smile. I let him take the bag, something most people never offend to do.

“So, your new here? How is good ol’ Pennslyina weather treating ya?” I asked with a smile. I took my bag back when we got into the common room and put it back into it’s place.

“It’s good. So your holding a national title?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“You knew this how…” I asked. So, knew I was teen Miss. Dance. Huh.

“Your sweatshirt, and the big sign.” He pointed to the poster that hung in the common, a pictures of me, leaping, turning smiling and being with Max. Below them said Home of Teen Miss Dance Payton Leons. Congerts babe!

I forget about the babe part. The teachers and students have been calling me that forages. I smiled thinking of the crowing. I had been so happy, I kicked the one of the judges in the face. That was a moment.

“Oh.” I said.

“I really enjoy the one of you with a mustache.” I frowned. “Oh come on Pay. I was joking. You know, you look cute when you frown.”

“Are you hitting on me?” I asked.

“Perhaps.” He said.

“Whatever. See ya later I guess.” I turned on my heel and walked toward the first studio.

“Hey, you want to go get coffee later?” Elliot called after me.

“Depends, can you take me?” I called over my shoulder. What was I doing, I had a boyfriend. Then again I had a boyfriend who was a crazy ass jerk.


“Then yes.” I said.


“PAYTON! God damnit! Get that leap higher!” Mary called from the front of the room.

“Point that toe!” Jake called. Sometimes I wonder why I pay middle aged people to yell at me and damned un-humanly things from me.

Doing there corrections, I did the Firebird again, getting it to how they needed it. Smiling, I faced my coaches. They stared me down, taking in every tiny part of me.

“Payton, we have a plan to win. To take down every other studio in the country. But you need to work your ass off and scare the other kids in your division. Understood?” I nodded. “Your solos are going to be diffent everywhere. Why? If you can pick something up in less then four days, have it prefect and sweep the division, you will be in nationals. And you will win.” Mary said.

“This solo is a lyrical solo. Your good at theses. The song is Let it be You know the song, right?” Jake asked.

“Yes.” I answered.

“Do you know the Carol Woods and Timothy T. Mitchum version?” Jake asked.


“Good. It’s very moving. You can do it to a T. Now, you are going to start off stage and walk on. Walk in, kick here, higher. Good..” For the next forty minutes I learned two minutes and thirty seconds of one of the most painful dances ever.

“Good. Now lets run it three times and your done.” Mary said. And I did.

“Your down. We are going to run it like that everyday, Thursday you will have 1,000 percent, correct?” Mary asked. I nodded.

The End

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