Payton- Best FriendsMature

I held the tiny picture of Max, Elliot and myself in the palm of my hand. It was just so cute, the three of us.

“Hey Max, want time is practice to tomorrow?” I asked, taking a sip of the really gross punch.

“Umm, I think eight. Why?” He asked, studying the picture over my shoulder.

“Just wondering. Hey, you know we leave Thursday for New York. I’m so ready for the Big Apple. Got some big plans with those taxi drivers-”

“What Taxi Drivers?” Elliot interrupted appearing out of know where.

“Oh, for our dance computation on Friday. It’s in New York.”

“Really, what will you be competing?” Elliot said, staring down at me with big blue eyes.

“A duo, I think we each have a solo, though I don’t have mine yet, and a group dance.” Max answered shortly, watching Elliot closely.

“Oh, hey, I’m going g to a computation in New York next weekend. Where do you dance.” Max told him, and Elliot smiled.

“That’s the company I just joined!” I felt Max hand tighted on my shoulder, while a tiny spark of joy ran from my toes.

“Really! How cool! You’ll love it, we are like a big fam-”

“Hey Pay, let’s go. Emma invited us to a bonfire, come on, lets go.” At that moment I felt like he was going to pick me up and carry me kicking and screaming out of the school.

He took my hand, witch felt really tiny, and lead me into the hall. I could tell he was pissed-and not in the way I like to make fun of.

“What the hell is your problem, Max?” I demanded, stomping my feet like a child.

“What’s you Payton Elizabeth! You are just sitting there acting like a little girl in love with a movie star! What’s up with that?”

“What does that mean?” I asked, looking him in the eyes. I was not acting like a little girl. Ok, just a bit.

“Really, can’t you tell. I mean, I’m not trying to be like Ryan or anything, but God, he’s like the type of the dude you see on Dateline or something that would Date rape you-”

“Where the hell did you get that from? Did he have a sign or something said, I’m going to rape you?”

“No, it’s just, please. Just leave him alone.” He said, his eyes beating into mine, his brown eyes the same as ever.

I bit my lip, and pondered that. Max was my best friend, I’m sure as hell not losing my best friend. He was my rock, with out him I’d be nothing. He knew me better than anyone.

In a spilt second, I found my self in Maxs chest hugging him. I smiled, it was so old that it was new.

“I love you Max.”

The End

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