Payton- Car RideMature

I quickly grabbed my purse, and met Max at the door. By the look on his face, I could tell he was nervous. True to my character, I kicked his ankle. He shot me a look that would kill me if I was anyone else. The look I only got when I asked why he never sang me Spanish Lullaby, which was a line form a song I’ve been wanting to use for a solo. He told me to go to hell.

I quickly understand by the looks on my Mothers and, kinda, Ryan’s faces that we were dismissed. They didn’t need any pictures. They had enough of the two of us.

I waved for Max to get out of the door, said bye, promised I wouldn’t do anything dumb, and to be home by eleven thirty. Or call by then.

“So, for our duet, I was thinking instead of doing a fish lift, I do like, a side Ariel, and you do I don’t know..ask Mary. We where talking about it. Maybe you could do this.” I picked up the bottom of my gown, and shook my butt and numbed my free hand.

Max raised a eyebrow, and motioned toward his mother in a car parked at the bottom of the sidewalk. Mrs. Everett watching me. She was laughing. I sighed and dropped the skit.

“Pay, I don’t think anyone could make that any more pretty then you.” I laughed and walked down the steps.

“I know.” I said. I walked down the stairs behind Max, and opened the door to the back seat of his Moms car. I crawled in, as much as a lady as I could be.

Mrs. Everett eyed me from the rear view mirror, then shot a look at her son. I knew her as well as my own Mother, and loved her like on. She had been the one to tell what to do when I got my period, due to the fact I was at a compaction, with her as my chaperon, since that was when my dad left us.

“So, Payton, those dance classes are really..paying off.” She said, starting the car. I laughed.

“Well, I was showing Max what he is now to do in out duet.” I answered.

“If that’s his part, I’m scared to see yours.” I laughed.

“Most people would say that.” Max’s eyes meet mine in the mirror, a warning sign to shut up. I smiled and looked down at my lap, crossing my legs.

“So, Payton, is your Mom going to the costume meeting tomorrow?” I nodded.

“Yeah, she is just really confused why she is not going to but like five diffent costumes.”

“Did you tell her that you have the one costume, which is very, very-”

“Mom, don’t dis the outfit.” Max interrupted, and turned on the radio to a pop station.

I looked out the window at the Pennsylvanian countryside rolled past me. Only in Pa would you drive to a high school and drive though the country for ten minutes.

When we arrived, a group of dancers from our studio where out front. Taylor was one of them.

“You ready, Max?” I asked, bunching my skit up again.


“Lets do this thing then.” I said and got out of the car, and joined my best friend.

The End

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